City Voices Festival 2012

This was in aid of the Donna Louise Children's Hospice Trust and took place at the Leopard Hotel in Burslem Stoke-on-Trent. 

The event included performances by poets, choirs and musicians from the local area, including Clay Chorus whose set include Titanic memorial songs and started in t
he late afternoon and went on into the evening. 

Thprogramme was a packed extravaganza and for the organisers keeping everything to time was a considerable challenge. LMW were the last to perform and despite the event considerably overrunning those that stayed to watch the performance, which reflected quality rather than quantity, appeared to convey that it was well worth the wait, by their receptive applause at the end. The performance included new and old, such as, the crowd pleasing the Do Ron Ron, which has been a favourite with audiences since its debut in 2011 and Joberg a recent addition to the repertoire which audiences continually warm to.