Hells Swells

The Story of a Real Adrenaline Junkie

Hells Swells Synopsis:


Julian Triton is an adrenaline junkie – like all vampires.  Unlike all vampires, he likes to surf.  At night.  And he will kill for waves, boards, boats and, on occasion, even for good.  His lust for waves brings Triton into contact with a number of exciting characters from academia and the surf industry but he leaves one clue to many for a brotherhood of big-wave surfers who attempt to hunt him down and destroy him. 


Hells Swells Excerpt:

He had to give it to the kid.  He could run.  Of course adrenaline was a wonder drug, thought Julian.  He remembered that he should catch the kid soon before the adrenaline ran out and he collapsed.  Adrenaline junkies take many forms.  Race car drivers, sky divers, rodeo riders, and, of course, surfers.  Julian Triton liked the taste of adrenaline as much or more than the next extreme sportsman.  He liked it literally.  In a second, Julian closed the 60 yards between himself and his quarry – moving so fast as to be considered flying low by anyone looking.  There was no one looking.  As he reached the smell of terror, urine, blood and fear, he jumped.  As he flew over Maria Rodriguez’s rapist, he reached down with both forearms and clamped them in front and in back of the kid’s neck.  Just before he landed, Julian triton did a half-twist not only breaking the neck of the kid but giving him compound fractures.  As he landed and before the boy even felt what would be the worst pain in his short life, Julian Triton said, “I am killing you in the name of Maria Laura Rodriguez who will be glad to know that you will never again rape another girl in this town."  And with that, Julian twisted some more and very slowly.  The sound was worse than you can imagine.  You might also imagine that blood went everywhere.  You would be mistaken.