Each of our teachers offers a unique and personal style of teaching. All Lotus Studio yoga teachers have attained internationally recognised teacher registration to assure you of clear guidance through a safe and informative practice. Our teachers are deeply committed to their own practice and teaching.

Charlotte Pregnolato | Feel the Bliss
Charlotte completed her teacher training at Africa Yoga in 2007 (RYT200) and has since studied with an international array of instructors both in South Africa and the US.  She is interested in a holistic approach to yoga and relies on aspects from a variety of disciplines to heal and maintain health, vitality and serenity. 
Charlotte's Wednesday evening classes employ yin and restorative poses, breathing and meditation techniques, including the deep meditation of yoga nidra  to discard  stress and embrace  bliss, nurturing body, mind, heart and  spirit. 
Feel the Bliss is suitable for practitioners from beginning to advanced. 

Feel the Bliss | Wednesdays 17:30
Contact Charlotte | cpregno@cyberperk.co.za | 072 320 5988

Jane Treffry-Goatley | Iyengar Yoga
Jane started practicing Iyengar Yoga in 1998. She qualified as an Iyengar Yoga Teacher Introductory Level II in January 2010.  She completed the next level of training, Junior Intermediate Level I, in October 2015.
Jane teaches Iyengar yoga on an introductory and intermediate level, and her classes are accessible to all. The use of props enables all students to do the posture with the correct alignment to obtain the full benefits of the pose.
Jane also teaches yoga in the community at Thembalitsho Primary School. 
I thank all my teachers who have taught me over the years and encouraged and strengthened my yoga practice. Love and gratitude to you all.
Iyengar Yoga |Mondays 17:30| Tuesdays 09:00 |Wednesdays Beginners 8:30 | Thursdays 17:30 |Seniors Class Thursdays 10:00
Contact Jane | janetgoatley@gmail.com | 083 469 3053

Kama Berman | Vinyasa Yoga
Kama is a dedicated Yogini and mother of 2 with a deep love of all things yoga. She completed her Vinyasa teacher training (YA RYT200) in Bali at Radiantly Alive in 2016. She is registered with Yoga Alliance and continues to grow through her own self practice and continuing study through workshops and online courses.
Join Kama for a dynamic, flowing vinyasa yoga practice that cultivates presence by connecting movement with breath. Awaken your strength, energy and flexibility in a fun atmosphere.
“Yoga is not about touching your toes, it is about who you become on the way down . . .”

 Vinyasa Yoga | Mondays 7:00am 
Contact: Kama  | kamaberman@yahoo.com | 079 228 2453

Kevin Treffry-Goatley | Zen Meditation
Kevin is a Dharma teacher with the Dharma Centre in Roberson which stems out of the Korean Zen Buddhist lineage.

The way of Zen is to know yourself;
To know yourself is to forget yourself ;
To forget yourself is to be awakened by all things
Dogen Japanese Zen Master (c1290)
The prime vehicle of Zen is a particular style of Meditation called Zazen. Kevin leads the Zen sangha at the Lotus Studio every Tuesday evening at 17h30. Newcomers are welcome.

Zen Meditation | Tuesdays 17:30 |
Mindful Meditation Class | Thursdays 16:00 by appointment only
Contact Kevin | kevin@thewateracademy.co.za | 083 703 3327

Nicki Friedlein | Flow Yoga
My "formal" training includes the Africa Yoga Teacher Training in May 2007 (YA RYT200) and the Radiantly Alive Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in November 2012. I have more recently completed 2 comprehensive online courses as instructed by Simon Borg-Olivier and Bianca Machliss of Yoga Synergy (www.yogasynergy.com) which have greatly influenced how I practice and teach.

My classes offer intentional movement that promotes the flow of energy through the body and creates a sense of calm vitality. I believes that yoga offers us the opportunity to open our hearts to joy, express ourselves creatively, find our own natural rhythm and reconnect to our natural state of peace and contentment and the life-pulse of our breath. I draw inspiration from classical & contemporary yoga teachings, music, art and life.

Flow Yoga | Fridays 08:30
Contact Nicki |
nicki.friedlein@gmail.com | 083 410 1320

Philip le Roux | Yoga for Golf
My yoga journey started at the Karma Yoga Center in KZN where I first started attending yoga classes and eventually ended up completing a 200h Teachers Training in 2014 under the guidance of Melody and Bernie Voster. After completion I found myself back in the golf industry where I experienced great benefits in my golf game and numerous other physical activities with a mental and emotional calm focus that benefited my physical ability.
My classes focus on creating mind body awareness and at the same time improving mobility, stability and strength for functional movement that is connected to ones breath. By continual practice I hope students will gain the same benefits that I had be in sport or in life.

Yoga for Golf | Tuesdays 07:00
Contact Philip |
pleroux@scratchgolf.co.za | 082 443 9689

Tine Robinson | Hatha Yoga

Tine (Tina) has been teaching Hatha yoga based on the tradition of Swami Sivananda, in Knysna since 2007.  Guided by Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi she shares the wisdom of these great Masters in her interpretation of an integral yoga practice which will lead to a body at ease, a peaceful mind and a sense of balance, working gently towards the ultimate awareness of “Sat Chit Ananda -Truth Consciousness Bliss” our True Self. 
Tine has studied with various local and international teachers in India, SA and Europe.  She has attained her 1000hrs certification in the Sivananda tradition. 

“Humble Prostrations to all the Teachers past and present who have made yoga a reality in my life and have given me the confidence to pass on this sacred valuable knowledge - Tine” 

Hatha Yoga - Thursdays 08:00 | Yin Yoga - Fridays 10:30
Contact Tine | tine@knsyna.co.za | 082 446 4050

Wendy Dakini  | Tai Chi and Chi Gong
Wendy trained in tai ji and karate (Kobujutsu) with Sifu Leo Ming at the Martial Art Academy in 2000 and later became an assistant teacher in the dojo where she also taught small groups in her own capacity.
Tai ji is a martial art and meditation practice that embodies stillness in motion and motion in stillness.
Energy levels improve, the martial art component is included and subtleties are revealed in direct experience.  Included in the classes are acupressure and chi gong sequences.  Tai ji and Chi Gong are appropriate for people of all ages.
 The art of peace through unification of polarity ~ Leo Ming

Tai Ji & Chi Gong | Wednesdays 10:30
Contact Wendy | wendydakini@gmail.com | 082 369 5437

Yoga is the practice of quieting the mind - Yoga Sutras of Patanjali