Welcome to Lotus Learners Montessori -  A Home-Based Preschool for Children Ages 3 - 6

   Here at Lotus Learners, we have worked to create a child-sized world in our Montessori classroom, with a careful selection of materials that are safe and stimulating. The materials, along with well thought-out activities and exercises, are designed to promote independent learning at each child’s own pace, enticing them to explore life on a level they can understand. The Montessori curriculum focuses around Practical Life, Sensorial, Math, Language, Cultural and Character Education.

Why choose Lotus Learners over any other Day Care/Preschool?

• We believe that children need to feel completely secure and comfortable in their environment in order to grasp and learn to their full potential. The sudden transition from home to school can be quite intimidating for any child, and is the reason many kids hesitate to develop socially or academically. Our home-based Montessori is the result of this belief, providing an easier transition, and striking a balance between the love and warmth of a home and the discipline of a structured program.

• Our student to teacher ratio is better than other schools, and each child gets the attention required to grasp concepts. Schools with big classrooms leave kids unattended for long periods, and children don't develop the social or academic skills as they do with adult guidance. We also ensure that kids receive their day's nutrition, as well as the exercise they need through physical activities.

• Besides traditional Montessori teachings, we incorporate interesting and fun filled activities such as yoga, cooking, photography, gymnastics, gardening, and sewing as a part of our curriculum, and are constantly providing new ways to ensure the child’s overall development.

                                                        We serve Poway, Rancho Penasquitos, Rancho Bernardo and 4s Ranch.

Our teaching is the product of an ongoing effort to provide children with a balanced foundation of academic excellence, physical fitness, self control and moral strength at an early age


The Montessori Curriculum which is based on years of patient observation includes education in Practical Life, Sensorial    Exercises, Science, Mathematics and                             Language                                               


Our policies serve as guidelines for parents and teachers to ensure a safe and conducive environment for the children in which they can learn and grow, preparing themselves for a great future ahead