"The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn."

― Alvin Toffler

About Me:

  • I work with Nick Feamster at GTNoise lab, Georgia Tech, since May 2013. I am also guided by Jennifer Rexford and Scott Shenker for my SDX project.
  • I graduated from NC State University with masters in Computer Science in May'13
  • I graduated from IIT Roorkee with bachelors in ECE
  • I worked at IISc, Bangalore under Dr. Anurag Kumar before joining  NC State
  • At NC State I was awarded prestigious CoE Fellowship
  • Worked with Dr Nadita Dukkipati at Google Inc, Mtn View during Summer 2011
  • Areas of my interests are Mobile Systems, SDN, Cloud Computing and Distributed Systems

Research Experience:
  • mPaaS: The main objective of this project is to explore various research challenges to enable delivery of mobile platforms as a service (mPaaS). I am currently focussing on mobile sensor virtualization which can enable such a service. 
    • Checkout my progress over GitHub, or NSDI Demo (April 3rd, 2013)
  • MPStreaming: The main motive of project is to develop a video streaming solution for devices with multiple network interfaces. We currently enable usage of multiple interfaces for android phones and developed a download module for MR VoD servers. We are currently developing quality adaptation algorithms for SVC video streams leveraging multiple interfaces. For further details write to me at: agupta13@ncsu.edu
  • WiFox: The main goal of the project is to provide better performance for WiFi networks for large audience environments. We quantified the impact of problems like traffic asymmetry, diverse data rates etc for such environments and proposed our Adaptive AP prioritization solution. Please contact me for final draft of our WiFox paper.
    • Jeongki Min, Arpit Gupta, Injong Rhee, "Scaling WiFi Performance for Large Audiences (poster and demo)", NSDI 2012
    • Arpit Gupta, Jeongki Min, Injong Rhee, "WiFox: Scaling WiFi Performance for Large Audience Environments", Accepted as Full paper at CoNext 2012
  • CellSig: This project targets to develop a logical localization scheme using information from connected and neighbouring cellular towers. This assists in predicting availability of WiFi APs to connect to and avoid energy wastage associated with WiFi scanning. Please contact Kyunghan Lee for final draft of our submission.
    • Kyunghang Lee, Nithyanthan Posanamani, Arpit Gupta, "CellSig: A Practical Location Matching System Leveraging Cellular Signals for Smart Phones", under preparation
  • Other Projects:
    • Short RTOs: Explored the problem of timeouts in TCP especially for short flows. Ran experiments over Google's Front End servers to infer problems associated with time outs for short flows.
    • ADWISER: It is a centralized LAN scheduler developed at IISc, Bangalore and I worked on it to provide fair bandwidth share for competing clients with disparate link qualities
    • HumLog: Localization leveraging on regularity in human mobility. Refer my technical report for details.
Time Line:
  • ...
  • Awarded the Internet2 SDN Applications Award, declared June 26th
  • Started working on SDX project from May 2013 
  • I finalized joining Gatech and will be working with Nick Feamster, Jennifer Rexford and Scott Shenker on SDX project !!
  • Received admits from University of Massachusetts, Amherst ; Purdue (Meissner Fellowship); University of Wisconsin, Madison and off course Gatech for Fall 2013 !!
  • Travelling to NSDI for mPaaS demo. Thanks to NSDI's student travel grant !!
  • Applied for graduation from NC State and got acceptance from various grad schools for PhD. Will be finalizing my grad school very soon after the official visit days.
  • Submitted my mPaaS paper to NSDI (Poster/Demo)
  • Presented WiFox at CoNext'12 at Nice, France
  • WiFox media release in Nov,2012
  • Started projects like Greenspot and MPStreaming in Fall 2012
  • Presented WiFox at Poster/Demo at NSDI'12
  • Started working on project WiFox from Fall 2011
  • Joined Google Inc. as intern for Summer 2011
  • Started projects HUMLOG and CellSig in Spring 2011
  • Received NSF Travel Grant for CoNext'10
  • Started working on WolfSense Project under Dr. Suman Kumar and Dr. Rhee in Fall 2010
  • Joined ECE Dept. at NC State University as College of Engg. Fellow in Fall 2010
  • Joined Indian Institute of Science (IISc) as Research Follow in Spring 2010
  • Graduated from Roorkee and joined Deloitte as Network Security Consultant in Summer 2009
  • Summer Internship at Cranfield University, Shrivenham, Swindon, UK for Summer 2008
  • Won best Innovation Award in IEEE-Motorola Summit in Fall 2007
  • Summer Internship at QSD Sistemi, Milan, Italy for Summer 2007
  • Joined ECE Department at IIT Roorkee for Fall 2005
  • Graduated from New St. Mary's Conv. School with All India Ranks (AIRs) for Engg. Entrance Exams 787 (IIT JEE) and 591 (AIEEE) respectively with state rank of 30 for AIEEE 


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Academic Achievements
  • Recipient of NSF Student Travel Grant, for CoNEXT 2010, Philadelphia, USA.
  • College of Engineering Fellowship 2010-2011 at NC State.
  • Won best Innovation Award in IEEE-Motorola Summit held on 22-23 September, 2007
  • Ranked Top 99.57 percentile (787) among 170,000 IIT-JEE-2005 aspirants
  • Ranked Top 99.88 percentile (591) among 450,000 AIEEE-2005 aspirants
  • State Rank 99.96 percentile (30) in AIEEE-2005 among 75,000 candidates
  • Selected among top 200 in National Standard Examination in Chemistry-2005 among 250,000 aspirants.