We  are on a fundraising mission to purchase drums for our Lotus Drum class. This class is geared towards children with developmental disabilities who have special needs with regards to the drums. Traditional West African drums require proper positioning that is not conducive to holding a successful drum circle. Remo makes drums that are easy to play. They stand on their own with holes at the bottom to allow the sound to com out. They are durable and easily withstand drops and bumps. The heads are not tunable but if they break, they can be replaced.  Remo does make a similar drum with tuning pegs on the side of the head, however we have found that these drums do not need tuning for the most part, the heads are synthetic, and do not change pitch like a cow or goat skin. The goal of this fund raising mission is to raise enough money to purchase 5 of these drums so that we can expand our class offerings and reach out to more children
To reach this 5 drum goal we are raising $700.