Seneca Park Zoo Performance

posted Aug 3, 2011, 6:50 AM by Zachary Spath
Great performance at the Seneca Park Zoo on Saturday July 30!
Wonderful turn out and a solid performance. 

We did an impromptu processional. As it turns out the people that work the gate at the Zoo had never heard us drum or seen us dance in the past years because they had to work the gate so this year we started at the gate and played for a short period before working out way to the performance area. We received Lots of good feedback from the audience.
There were a few parts of the performance that did not go as we had rehearsed, not that the audience would know it though :) It brings up a good point that if there is any weakness in the show, a performance will bring it out! 

Next time we are rehearsing something over and over again, even though it sounds good keep in mind that when it comes time to perform, any thing that can go wrong will :) That's why we drill it into our heads, so it is a matter of muscle memory and there is no thinking involved.

At the end the dancers brought up about 20 audience members to go through some dance moves for Mendiani. That was another success! They loved it!

Great Job to everyone who performed! Let's keep the good times rolling and keep working to make the performances even tighter!