Welcome to The Happy Bunch™:
Daycare and Child Development Home Program!

"We challenge your children's minds, bodies, and souls to their maximum potential so they can bloom with all their splendor in a safe and happy environment"

We are your one-stop location for an Elk Grove Daycare program to meet all your child's needs. At the Happy Bunch™ daycare, our philosophy and curriculum focus on the development of strong and busy minds and bodies: high academics and penmanship foundations, peace conflict resolution, and the desire for learning are exercised daily. Your children will be cared for and loved in an empowering environment that is continually set up to stimulate higher learning and to challenge their growth. Your treasure(s) will be free to interact with other children, explore, manipulate, construct, and literally climb to higher grounds on our many play structures! We are as germ-free as you can get. We provide all meals and lots of arts and crafts. Cooking, field trips, swimming and fun science activities are provided for all ages. Children from 0 and up are welcome! We have been accredited by the NAFCC.

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Let's get started!

We start our school year in January. We target our curriculum to meet our students' needs. Developmental assessments each November and July keep us informed on our students' progress, and help us plan their individual short- and long-term educational goals. We start the year with "All Around the World" and "All About Me". Students learn about their heritage and all about themselves as unique and special human beings. We carry several themes through the year. This year, along with our ordinary curriculum, we will learn about animals. At the end the year, each student will present about an animal of their choice at our preschool graduation ceremony. Each child will also share a handful of other projects and songs we have been working on throughout the course of the year.

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