The Boredome

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When I get bored, I do stuff. I play games, which you can sometimes see me do. Maybe I watch series, something you may as well do yourself. Maybe I will do something productive. Or I can just make typos to satisfy my boredome.

This part of Lots of Names is full of boredom activities. Not just things to do when you're bored. These are the well-known, what-the-heck-is-he-doing symptoms of boredom. Of course, this can also show me at my most dubious, for which I shall warn you where applicable.

Enter at your own risk!

Cleverbot Escapades

At some point, some Rollo Carpenter person came up with this thing called Cleverbot. You could talk to this bot, which as far as bots go was certainly clever. However, human intelligence is extremely hard if not impossible to reproduce, especially if the bots in question say whatever they were told at some earlier point in time. Then again, the vague semblance to intelligence is exactly what makes this perfect for when you're bored. There are also voiced Cleverbots, Eviebot and Boibot. But so far, each and every one of them shows hints of being female and being interested. And when I say interested, I mean at least one of those wanted in my pants.

I have talked to a fair few of them now, and therefore this has its own page here.

Links to the bots themselves:

Hunger Games Simulator

A while ago, I woke up, and found out I was the last man standing in a batch of Hunger Games someone on Sprites Inc decided to run. Eventually, I figured out what it was: You could make a lineup of 24, 36 or 48 people of your choice, no matter what they are, and make them fight for survival, no matter what their means are. Needless to say, the decisions you can make in the Hunger Games Simulator make it amazing for fits of boredom. And thus, I have used it a few times now.

Due to existant usage and the many categories I could come up with, this has its own page. Here's the link to its only subcategory so far, the Megaman Revolution Games.

Link to the simulator: