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F207	Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus
F121	Adams Family Theme
F261	Aenima Tool
F97	Aeris Theme
DN	Against All Odds
F113	Against All Odds 2
DG	Aguado Polonaise
F60	A Health for the Company
F172 	Air and Variation from Suite No 5
F118	Air Force Song
F260	Allegro in Bb, Mozart
F160	All I ask of you, from Phantom
F145	All That She Wants, Ace of Bass
N3	Always Look on the Bright Side of Life
F326	American Pie 
F163	Amazing Grace
F159	Angel of Music, from Phantom
F245	Arietta in A, Hayden
DV	Arkansas Traveler
F89	A-Team Theme
F129	A Team, The
G9	A Tholl Highlanders
F106	Auld Lang Syne
N13	Autumn Ale
F15	Avant deux mardi gras
F139	Baaarbie Girl
JG	Backyard Jig
F178	Baker street (sax version)
F179	Baker street (sax solo ONLY)
F141	Ballad Of The Green Berets
F185	Baruk Khazad
F34	Batman
F329	Beautiful, Christina Aguilera 
DQ	Beauty and the Beast
F242	Bein' Green, Sesame Street
F18	Benny Hill Theme
F136	Beverly Hillbillies Theme
F137	Beverly Hillbillies Theme 2
F85	Big Blue
F305	Blackbird 
RB	Black Cove Reel
F36	Black Lodge- Anthrax
F192	Bloody Tears, Castlevania
G5	Blow The Wind Southerly
F117	Blue Bells Of Scotland
F132	Blue Bells of Scotland 2
JH	Blueberry Jig
N1	Bourrée
F29	Bourrée 1
F32	Bourrée à Cousset
F30	Bourrée de Royat
F31	Bourrée de Viplaix
F146	Brady Bunch Theme
F61	Brandywine Bridge
F222	Breaking the Habit
DH	Braveheart
G2	Brave Sir Robin
AS	British Bulldog
F188	British Grenadiers, The 
F20	Bron Yr Stomp led zepplin
F193	Bubble Bobble theme
F231	Bungalow Bill, Beatles
JB	Cabin Floor Jig
AF	Cabots Landing
G6	Cairn On The Moor
F157	Call Me by: Blondie
F236	Call Me by: Blondie 2
F35	Call Of Ktulu- Metallica
F44	Call of Ktulu 2 - Metallica
F347	Canon in D, Johann Pachelbel
F150	Cantina End
F49	Cathedral - Van Halen
F204	Cats in the Cradle
F56	Cat's Jig
AG	Caught in the Net
F115	Cheers Theme
DU	Chinese Breakdown
N9	Chorale from Cantata 147-Bach
F325	Chrono Trigger, First Festival 
F324	Chrono Trigger, Gato's Song 
F322	Chrono Trigger, Jurrasic Rhythm 
F319	Chrono Trigger, Lucca's Theme
F323	Chrono Trigger, Millenial Fair 
F321	Chrono Trigger, Overworld 600 AD 
F320	Chrono Trigger, Robot's Theme 
AQ	Cigar Pink Floyd
F152	Circle of Life, Lion King
F344	Claudia's Theme, The Unforgiven 
RF	Clauston Reel, The 
F268	Clocks
F98	Closing Time
F314	Concerto in C major, Kramer vs Kramer 
F101	Convoy
RH	Cornflower Reel, The
F290	Cowboy's From Hell 
F289	Crazy Train 
F95	Cuckoo's Nest
F72	Come West Along the Road
F70	Concerning Hobbits
F156	Coward of the County by: Kenny Rogers 
F108	Crawling
T1	Cyan's Theme - Final Fantasy III
F14	Dairy Dance
F138	Daniel, Elton John
F277	Danny Boy 
AJ	Dawsons City Breakdown
F332	Diamonds are Forever 
JE	Diane Hartleys Jig
F94	Dixie
RD	Dog River Reel
F239	Donkey Kong (Game Start)
F334	Don't cry for me Argentina 
F47	Don't Fear The Reaper
F103	Don't Fear The Reaper 2
F307	Don't Look Back in Anger 
F336	Don't Stop Believing, Journey 
AC	Down the Dusty Road
F23	Dueling Banjo's 1
F27	Dueling Banjo's 2
F41	Dueling Banjos well Part of it..
F109	Dust In The Wind
F12	Eagle
F272	Earthbound - Bus 
F278	Earthbound - Credits 
F282	Earthbound - Hippie 
F280	Earthbound - Hotel 
F264	Earthbound - Onett Theme
F279	Earthbound - Saturn Valley 
F281	Earthbound - Store 
F265	Earthbound - Winters Theme
F301	Ecossaise in G 
F187	Edward Scissorhands, Introduction
F348	Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart 
F327	Eleanor Rigby, The Beatles 
F134	Entertainer, The
F223	Enter the Sandman
F350	Eowyn's Theme 
DC	Estudio Brillante & dc1
AH	Evangaline Trail
F276	Fairy_da 
F250	Falling away from me by korn
F148	Fantasia

F254	Fellowship of the ring 
F57	Ffarwell Mari
F26	Final Countdown, The
F198	Prelude, various Final Fantasy games
AU	Final Fantasy 3 Aria
AT	Final Fantasy 3 Theme
F247	Final Fantasy 3 Theme 2
F176	Final Fantasy 4 Melody of Lute
F175	Final Fantasy 6 Tina's Theme
F88	Final Fantasy 6 Victory Song
F174	Final Fantasy 7 Aerith's Theme
F246	Final fantasy 7 Cave
F285	Final Fantasy 7 Cosmo Canyon 
F171	Final Fantasy 7 Fanfare
F170	Final Fantasy 7 Farm Buy 
F317	Final Fantasy 7, Fighting 
F22	Final Fantasy 7 Sephiroth
F199	Final Fantasy 9 Vamo Alla' Flamenco
F284	Final Fantasy 10 Besaid Island 
F343	Final Fantasy 10, Normal Battle 
F200	Final Fantasy 10 Suteki Da Ne
F283	Final Fantasy 10 To Zanarkand
F135	Fire and Rain, James Taylor
F339	First Loss, Schumann 
JI	First to the Table Jig
F181	Flight of the Bumblebee
DL	Foggy Mountain
F331	Folsom Prison Blues, Johnny Cash 
F294	Forrest Gump Main Title 
RC	Fort Francis Reel
F351	Forth Eorlingas 
F352	Foundations of Stone 
F248	Friends in low places
F69	Frogger
F316	From Russia With Love, 007 
F164	Fugue I in C major by J.S. Bach 
F342	Funeral March, Chopin 
D	Fur Elise 1
F16	Fur Elise 2
F271	Gary Owen 
F126	Giga, Partia No. 1, Bach
F162	Giguetta by J.S. Bach
G7	Gipsey's On The Hornpipe
F77	Godfather Theme
F315	Goldfinger 
F353 	Gollum's Song
F173	Goonies theme song
F13	Gowen
F288	Grandmother's Minuet 
F38	Greenbird
F144	Greensleeves
F219	Greensleeves 2
N10	Grottan
AD	Gull Harbour
F24	Hall of the Mountain King
F224	Halling
AR	Happiness Beatles
G13	Happy Birthday To You
JA	Harestail Jig
AL	Harry Potter Theme
F80	Have A Cigar
F81	Have A Cigar-Guitar 
F73	Hedwig's Theme
F306	Hello Goodbye 
F21	Helter Skelter Paul
F10	Hero Of The Day
F114	He's A Pirate
F45	Highland Laddie
F124	Highland Laddie 2
AK	Hole in the Dory
DS	Hooked on Classics
F74	Hotel California 2
F87	Hotel California 3
F237	Hotel California by: Eagles 4
F90	Hotel California Guitar Solo
RE	Ian McKensies Reel
F263	I Come From A Land Down Under, Men At Work
F210	I Fall To Pieces by: Patsy Cline
F233	If I only had a Brain 
F249	If tomorrow never comes
F299	I'll Follow The Sun 
F243	I Love Trash
F298	Imagine 
F71	Imperial March
DT	Indiana Jones
F59	In Dreams
F78	Interrupted Fireworks
F107	In The End
F357	Into The West 
F128	Iron Man, Black Sabbath
F241	Italian Folk Song Tschaikowsky
F335	It Came Upon a Midnight Clear 
F257	I Walk The Line, Johnny Cash
F102	James Bond Theme
F310	James Bond Theme 2 
F68	Jeopardy
F111	Jig Of Slurs
AI	Joe Batts Arm
F202	Journey of the Sorceror
G11	King Of The Fairies
F355	King of the Golden Hall 
F166	King of the Hill Theme
F67	Kirby
F110	Knights In White Satin
F133	Knights of the Round Table
N11	Kottpolska
DP	La Bamba
F28	La Bergère de Coulandon
F58	Land of my fathers-Nat'l Anthom of Wales
AM	Lark in the Morning,The 
F269	Last of the Mohicans(Main Theme) 
F43	Last Post, The
F194	Lemmings track 1
F195	Lemmings track 2
F287	Little Dance in F 
F311	Little Reaper's Song 
F186	Londonderry air (Danny Boy)
F256	Love theme from "The Godfather"
F211	Lost Woods/Sara
F293	Love Hina - Sakura Saku (Opening Theme) 
BD	Lovely Bunch of Coconuts
F244	Lux Aeterna (Requiem for a Dream)
F4	MacGyver Theme
F216	Mad World
F104	Making Love Out Of Nothing  
F337	Making Love Out Of Nothing At All, Air Supply 
DA	Man of La Mancha
F65	Mario
F253	Mash
F220	May it be
RG	Mel Holleys Reel
F197	Melody of Lute
F333	Memory from Cats 
DO	Memory of Trees
F83	Minstrel's Fancy
F312	Minuet in C, Beethoven 
F17	Minuet in G
F213	Minuet in G
F258	Minuet in G #2 Bach
F153	Mob Song
DM	Moonlight Sonata
F130	Mortal Kombat
F214	Musette
BC	Mozart Rondo Alla Turka
F155	Music of the Night, from Phantom
AB	Newfies Dory
F99	New York, New York
F42	No Doubt - Don't Speak
F303	Northern Song 
F232	Norwegian Wood, Beatles 
F184	Nothing else Matters, Metallica
F19	no title
F158	Notre Dame Victory Song
F240	One by: Metallica (Variant #2)
F228	One Step Beyond
F48	Only You Yaz
F182	Theme from The Office
CAA	Paganini
F180	Paint it Black
JF	Pat Doyles Jig
F151	Phantom of the Opera
F142	Pink Panther
F354	Pippin's Song (from The Steward of Gondor) 
F91	Pirate's Clarinet
F92	Pirate's Guitar/Sax
F93	Pirate's Flute
F259	Polonaise, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
F208	Popcorn by: Hot Butter (honest!)
F143	Prelude I, Bach
F167	Praeludium in E minor
F297	Proud Mary 
F140	Puff The Magic Dragon
F221	Purple Haze
BA	Puttin on the Ritz
F33	Quand j'étais chez mon père
F169	Qing Tian (Clear Sky) By Jay Chou
AA	Raise the Barn
F212	Ranma Opening
F183	Real Folk Blues from Cowboy Bebop
F255	Requiem for a Dream
F105	Reveille
F203	Revolution by: Beatles
F234	Riders on the Storm by: The Doors
F177	Ring of Fire
F328	Ring of Fire 2 
F62	Road Goes Ever On, The
G14	Rocky Road To Dublin
F262	Rocky Theme
DR	Romeo and Juliet
F300	Row, row, row your boat 

JD	Safe Harbour Jig
F119	Saints Go Marching In
F340	Sarabande, Handel 
F79	Saria's Song
F296	Scarborough Fair
F9	Scatman
F46	Scotland the Brave
F125	Scotland The Brave 2
G3	Scots Wha Hae 
G10	Scottish Circassian Circle
F230	She Loves You, Beatles
F52	She See's Sanctuary - The Cult
F39	Simple Gifts
F201	Six Ecossaises, Beethoven
N4	Slentbjenn
F54	Smoke On The Water - Deep Purple
F147	Sofeggietto, Carl Phillip Emanuel Bach
F154	Some Guys by Rod Stewart
F217	Sonatina in F
F215	Sonatina in G, Beethoven
F196	Spanish Castle Magic, Jimi Hendrix
N2	Spinning Wheel
F76	Stained
BB	Stairway to heaven
F75	Stars Are Blind
F251	Star-Spangled Banner
F313	Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
F149	Star Wars Theme
F308	Suicide Is Painless, M*A*S*H 
F291	Suite for solo Cello 
F346	Sunday Bloody Sunday, U2 
F96	Super Mario Theme
F309	Super Rad, Aquabats 
F345	Sweet Dreams, Eurythmics
F6	Sweet Home Alabama
F349	Symphony No 5, Beethoven 
F37	Tank! from Cowboy Bebop
F64	Taps
F252	Taps 2
F2	Tenpenny
B	Tetris
F266	Tetris - Song B
F302	Theme and Variation, Beethoven 
F356	The Ring Goes South 
F275	Tralee 
F292	Tubular Bells 
F274	Tzigane, violin excerpt 
F209	The Joker by: The Steve Miller Band
F218	The Merry Farmer
F205	The Rose, Bette Midler
F206	Tie A Yellow Ribbon Around The Old Oak Tree by Tony Orlando
F165	Titanic Theme
F168	Toccata from Sonata in A
JC	Tom Mercers Jig
F120	Tom Sawyer, Rush
N12	Toss the Feathers
F11	Tralee
F82	Trip Over The Mountain
F100	Trooper, Iron Maiden
RA	Two Jack Reel, The
N6	Ultima Character Creation Music
F273	Ultima, The Gypsy 
AE	Up the Hill
G12	Vamo' Alla Flamenco
N8	Violin excerpt from Tzigane
F330	Vincent (Starry, Starry Night) 
F341	Volga's Boatmen's Song 
F226	Waltons Theme
F338	Waltz in A minor, Schubert 
F8	Wasting My Hate 
F7	We Are The Champions
F123	We Will Rock You
F235	What is Love by: Haddaway
F229	When I'm Sixty-Four
F50	When It's Love - Van Halen
F295	While My Basic Lute Gently Weeps 
F127	Whiskey In The Jar, Thin Lizzy
G4	Whiskey In The Jar, Shire
F53	Wildflower - The Cult
F304	Wild Horseman 
F63	Wild Mountain Thyme
F84	Willow Tree, The
F86	Wish You A Merry Christmas
F161	Wishing you were somehow here again, from Phantom
F227	WKRP in Cincinnati Theme
F267	Wolf's Rain - Gravity
F318	Wonderwall, Oasis 
F122	Wonder Woman Theme
F270	Wreck of the Edmund 
G8	Ye Banks And Braes
F5	Yellow Submarine - Beatles
F40	Yesterday: Beatles
F51	YMCA - Village People
DJ	Yogiri no Shinobiai
F225	Young and The Restless Theme
F116	Your Song, Elton John
E	Zelda
F66	Zelda 2
F190	Zelda, Epona's Summoning Song 
F189	Zelda, Windmill
F191	Zelda: Links Awakening, WindFish Lullaby 
F286	Zelda Ocarina of Time, Gerudo Valley Theme 
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