Lords of the Earth, Campaign X

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This are the second old game that are running, the first are Lote ONE, this game are in the Renaissance about lot of years early that in the real world. This game are very interested because we must discover all modern marvel that now are normal for us.

TURN 108 (1571-1573):due date May, 18, after I'll write some about my plans for this turn.

TURN 107(1568-1570): Emir Mohhamad II made big investment into the grow and improve the life style for all the people with lot of city expantions, made cultivated some regions and others issues... Mohammed invested in several things but only saw his body guard and trade range improve. Gao, Zarak, Marades, Rharous, and D'Jenne were expanded and vast amounts of gold were poured into public improvements in Gao and Dogamba. At the capital, Lieutenant Cienfuegos married Princess Kierra, increasing his loyalty. Crown Prince Tren took a wife and had a son in 1568, but his wife died later the next year during her second pregnancy.
WHOMPCO was put on notice as the Emir granted permission to the Basra traders to move in. All the GRU Foreign Office agents get vodka!
(First Turn)

TURN 106 (1565-1567): Mohammad II, Emir of the Fulani, The Philosopher-King of the Sahel made a big celebration when the first printer, made they first book for all people, the Sacred Qur'ān (القران المقدس) and all people get the word from Muhammad our profet. (Tech Level 9 reached) (NPN)

TURN 105(1562-1564): Emir Mohammad II watch the travel of the barbarians. (NPN)

TURN 104(1559-1561): Mohammad stepped forth as if from a dream to expand his table of leaders. He built three new cities; Marades in Galam, Borinalarasan in Niani, and Zarak in Boure. The rest of the thirteen cities in the realm were expanded as well - many an the expense of their walls. But all protection was not lost, as the Emir commanded that most cities would receive part of the twenty four thousand man guard. Kitsanga received tall walls and fortifications were planted in Kanuri on the Eastern border.
Tragedy befell the Emirate when the crowned Prince Firo attempted diplomacy with the pagans of Mossi. He was asked to participate in the Wild Hunt, but was trampled by a herd of wildebeest.
Marauding bands of the Haraze horde swept into Mali and waited outside the gates... (played by Thomas Hoefle)

TURN 103(1556-1558): The Philosopher King pondered his place in the universe, knowing that one day Fulani would again rule all of West Africa. (NPN)

TURN 102(1553-1555): The Philosopher King pondered his place in the universe. Firo came of age to take his place as crown prince. (NPN)

TURN 101(1550-1552): General Basi died in Zaria, alone and cold. (played by Iain Fergie)

TURN 100(1547-1549): Mohammed improved his government by applying labor directly. Along the Niger river, Mohammed commanded the completion of the royal road as far south as Baumphok, but abandoned the road leading to the bridge at Ibadan. Later, the city of Callos was build in the wilderness of Bani. (played by Iain Fergie)

TURN 099(1544-1546): Mohammed contemplated the next phase of his life with the expansion his covert corps. (played by Iain Fergie)

TURN 098(1541-1543): Mohammed expanded three cities in the realm and worked with the Andalusians to complete the royal road into Takrur. He also completed the bridge over the Lower Niger into Oyo and began a road from Kebbi through Nupe to Oyo. The royal family grew larger, as Mohammed sired two more daughters. Several cities had their walls built higher. The desert worms were held at bay. (played by Ahura Mazda)

Latter I'll add more information about previous turns.