Wednesday Feb. 15 training ON

Post date: Feb 15, 2017 8:52:34 PM

Folks: More snow, more opportunity to practice our skills in softer conditions. Two-footed skiing, subtler edging, learning how to use the ruts, all skills we in the east more often associate with western conditions. Training will begin at 5:30 as usual this evening. We will have our usual show and tell at 5:25. Please attend as this review of the evening’s activities, if missed, leads to lots of questions and confusion for the late arrival. Plus, instead of getting on with the training plan, Tara and I are repeating instructions for the late arrivals. REMEMBER, IF YOU CAN’T BE ON TIME, BE EARLY!

Short turns tonight, slalom skis, hop turns down Bull Moose, with pole touches, PLEASE VIEW LINK: This will help with upper body “square to the hill”. As in the past, we will revisit old drills and introduce new ones. Then, if conditions allow, we will set gates. PLEASE KEEP IN MIND GATES IN PURE POWDER REALLY IS AN EXERCISE IN FUTILITY, therefore don’t be surprised if we don’t set gates on power days. Thanks, and see you tonight.

Coach Allan.

P.S. Share the link with athletes as a picture is worth a thousand words.