March Events

Post date: Mar 7, 2017 1:43:33 AM

To All,

Below are some save the dates for up and coming LVRC events. We hope that you all can join us to celebrate the our successful year!

15 March, LVRC Race Night!

Jodd bowels has graciously agreed to help us set up timing for our racers. That means we will be able to have our racers run the gates with no pressure to place but they get to see their times. If we can make it happen, we will set 2 courses so the kids can go head to head. It should be a fun event where all can race each other and showcase how far they have come. Maybe they have grudge matches to settle or they just want to race their friends. In effort to make this happen for the kids, we need help setting up the timing and the corral if needed.There will be a group showing up at 4:30 PM to get everything ready. We need volunteers, if you can swing it, we would appreciate the help. If you can't make 4:30, don't let that stop you from showing up since we will need help taking the course down as well.

20 March, LVRC Banquet

This will be our final LVRC night. If the trails are still open, LVRC will meet as usual at 5:30 PM and ski for an hour. After that hour, everyone will convene in the lodge for an awards banquet for food and fun. This event will bring closure to the awesome year we've had and give us a chance to recognize everyone's achievements and efforts.If Lost Valley is not open, we will start the Banquet at 5:30 PM and with the extra time we will roast the the coaches.

John Herrick


Lost Valley Race Club (LVRC)

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