LVRC pricing for next season (2017-2018)

Post date: Jul 7, 2017 1:24:17 AM

Hello LVRC Members,

We are writing today to inform you of some new developments with LVRC pricing for next season (2017-2018). We felt it necessary to inform everyone in advance so that you can budget accordingly and take advantage of an awesome opportunity. It is the Board's and the Coach's goal to constantly improve the experience and training opportunities for our racers at the best possible value to the parent.

To achieve that goal, we have decided to modify our pricing structure. Next season, LVRC will no longer incorporate lift tickets into its coaching fees. Access to the mountain will be responsibility of the racer. The racer will either purchase a Season’s pass or buy a ticket for each night of training. Lost Valley has generously offered to extend the now closed pre-season pricing to LVRC members, if you buy before Labor Day, 9/4/17. This is $199 for ages 12 and under, and $299 for ages 13 and up. To get this price the pass needs to be paid in full at the time of purchase. You can also opt to use the current lay-a-way offer which is $299 12 and under, $399 13 and up. Half down and pay off the balance by 10/15/17. The third option is to buy tickets each night, last Year’s rates were $25 for a ticket. If you multiply this by the number of training nights, it makes sense to buy the pass. Plus, the benefit of the pass is your kid can ski any time at Lost Valley. More, skiing, better racer.

Why are we doing this?

Over the years LVRC has operated under the same training relationship with Lost Valley as other race clubs and teams (AMS, ELHS, Bates, Jimmy Myrick, etc.). That is, each training night the club pays Lost Valley a fixed price to set gates on the hill (lane fee) and lift ticket for each racer regardless if the racer already has a season pass. This works well for other clubs because most of their members do not have season passes. Most LVRC members do have season passes, so there was not any added value to the racer and it will remove the duplication in payment. Additionally, this will give the club and coaches greater flexibility in setting the schedule, adding additional sessions and reduce the amount of effort required by the volunteer staff.

This savings will be passed on the racer by a reduction in the LVRC membership fee. We cannot say, at this time, what that the reduction will be; however, the membership fee will only be what is needed to pay our coaches, nightly lane fees and operational requirements of the club. Additionally, Coach Lobozzo and Coach Eretzian have been with the club for two full seasons now and have been doing an excellent job. The coaches have presented a new training program that they and the Board feel will help take our club and training offered to our racers to a new level. This new program will provide more training days as well as the opportunity to have more "big mountain" training. We are currently working on the details and the pricing for this new program. The club does plan to continue the same "traditional" training program as we had this year. More details on the specifics and exact pricing we follow as soon as we have it all worked out. Everyone is more than welcome to Join us for our next Board meeting, 6/6/17, where we will discuss these plans.

I hope this all makes sense. Please do not hesitate to reply with any questions. Thanks, and think snow!