LVRC 6 Week Session Comes to an End

Post date: Feb 15, 2017 2:46:53 AM

To All,

This week marks the closure to LVRC's 6 Week session. Its amazing that it has gone by so fast! With that being said, we are rolling directly into our Post Season Training sessions. You initially paid for a set number of sessions. Once that number is depleted, it will cost $25 per night any session your racer attends. Some of you have a positive balance going into the Post Season and that balance can be applied to Post Season sessions. Others have gone over on their attendance and there is a balance due. And some are even steven. Either way, we can tell you where you stand. Just see one of us. The post Season will run until Lost valley closes or racers lose interest.

Also, we have some races coming up that we will be supporting, check our calendar,. One or both of our coaches will attend the events and provide guidance to the racers! All you have to do is enter the race, and our support costs you zippo. Disclaimer, we need a minimum of 5 racers to attend a race for us to send a coach. So, please let us know if you are going!