JP Parisien Memorial Race, 4 February 2018

posted Sep 27, 2017, 5:32 PM by LV RC
To All,

I have some disheartening news for the LVRC crew this week.  I attended a MARA meeting on Monday and we ironed out all of the MARA races for the 17-18 season.  A battle ensued on LVRC's claim to to MLK weekend for our race.  Unfortunately, we did not have representation on the Spring initial planning meeting and our race was overlooked; therefore, another mountain scooped up the MLK weekend without opposition.  My cohort and I fought  the good fight, and were unsuccessful in our attempt.  We could have stuck to our guns and ran the race on the 15th or that weekend and, I believe, we would have suffered registrations.  This race is our only fundraiser and I made the decision to move it to a free weekend to take advantage of  potential max participation.  The new Race date is 4 February 2018.  This goes against the tradition of the race and I apologize for that.  We will do everything in our power to move it back to its rightful weekend for the 18-19 season.  

Before you yell at  me......I know, I is Superbowl Sunday.  I promise you that the LVRC Board will do everything in our power to ensure everyone is off the hill by 3 PM.   If everyone brings their A-Game, it should not be a problem.  Last Year, we were all business and it was the smoothest race ever with 160+ registrants.   Who knows, maybe we could do a Superbowl event at Lost Valley and you won't have to leave the mountain.

It does feel like a Yard Sale, but lets not let this unfortunate circumstance pull LVRC down.    

John Herrick


Lost Valley Racing Club (LVRC)

PO Box 1421

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