Extra Session this Friday, 1/13

Post date: Jan 12, 2017 4:30:15 AM

LVRC is having an extra Session this Friday, 1/13, to prepare our racers for the up and coming JP Race. The Session will start at 5:15 and go for 2 Hours. I encourage all to attend! As a racer, you need snow time.

As far as payment goes, there are 2 options. You choose from the options below and let us know when you show up on Friday.

Option 1:

You have paid for a set number of sessions, 6 or 12. Just attend Friday's session and reduce the sessions you can attend by 1. No worries you can add additional sessions in the end if needed. Additional Lost Valley sessions are $25 for members.

Option 2:

Come to Friday's session with $25 Cash or Check. This will retain all of your future sessions.

If you can't decide what to do, just show up and we will figure it out later.

The cost for Non Members of LVRC will be $40 for Friday Night.

To clear things up, JP Race Day is a Monday! We are not holding an LVRC Session on that day as well. For those folks that attend Mondays, we have added 13 February as a makeup day for the Race day loss.