December 3rd, Sunday River Training Session

Post date: Nov 28, 2016 11:21:56 PM

Sunday River 12/3/16

LVRC will be hosting its first training session at Sunday River this weekend, 12/3/16.

This will be pay as you go, and the fees will be determined based on Ski Area costs and participation. Our guesstimate for this trip will be $45 per person if we have 15 people sign up. It will be less if more commit.

Family members and friends of the Racers can participate to take advantage of reduced group rate ticket prices.

You must pay LVRC via cash or check by the morning of the 3rd.

The Racers will train with coaches first thing in the morning until Lunch. After lunch the racers can decide if they want to free ski or stay with the coaches. The rest on the non racers can enjoy the day at the slopes!

Meeting times and locations will be provided once we have them firmed up.

Conditions 11/28/16