December 10th's Trip to Sunday River

Post date: Dec 7, 2016 10:28:12 PM

To All,

I need to have a list of members joining us at Sunday river this weekend. We need a minimum of 15 to attend. Please reply via email as soon as you can if you are planning to join us. I need to know how many adults and how Racers will be in you group. We will make a determination on Friday Morning, whether or not its still on. Also, let us know if you'd be willing to give another racer a ride.


Same deal as last weekend, see below.

The cost for the trip is $37 for Racers and $47 for adults. That's a $10 savings for the racers and $12 for the adults from the prices advertised for this weekend. And you get coaching to boot! For those with Sunday River passes, it will be $10 fee for the racer to help cover the Coaches.

We will be meeting at the Barker Lodge at 8 AM to mosey on down and get the tickets. Your racers should be suited up and ready to go at 8 AM. The lifts open at 8 AM and we want to be on the fresh snow as soon as we can. I recommend arriving at the Lodge at 7:30 AM to give yourself enough time to get ready and go with the pack to get the tix. We usually change up and stash our stuff on the top floor of Barker, so if you are the first to arrive head on up and snag us a table. If you are running a bit late just try and hook up with us by 8 AM so that we can get your discounted ticket. If you are going to be later than 8, you can try and call me, but I can't guarantee I'll get the call. Please have cash or check with your racer to pay for the ticket. We prefer cash, but will take a check. If you do write a check, make it out to: Lost Valley Racing Club.

John Herrick


Lost Valley Race Club (LVRC)

PO Box 1421

Auburn ME 04211