2/1 Training Session Giant Slalom, Slalom Gigante, Reisen Slalom

Post date: Feb 1, 2017 11:34:53 AM

Tonight, Feb. 1, back to G.S. training. Thanks to those who participated in the quizz. “Tuna” refers to going into the nets. Lindsey Vonn did twice last week. St. Mortiz is the location of the World Championships in a couple weeks. Keep a list of the teams you “selected” and see how your team compares to the one chosen by the U.S. coaches.

LEVEL SHOULDERS are key to downhill ski pressure. Downhill ski pressssssure is key to speed. Tip in, go slow. Tip out, ski like a pro. On a small hill, we have the benefit of lots of repetition. We can master stuff more easily. But it takes focus and consistency. Can’t be done in a week, or even two. Must revisit, revisit, revisit. Looks like a little snow today. Yahoo! See you on the hill.

Coach Allan