2017-2018 Jackets and Suits Update

Post date: Sep 15, 2017 12:03:53 AM

As promised, below is the new pricing for LVRC Jackets. Let us know if you have any other questions about them. See attached pictures. We sold at least one of each style on the last order and those that bought, love them.

Youth SSJ-1Y (CLICK HERE) $185.00

Adult SSJ-1 (CLICK HERE) $220.00

Womans SSJ-1W (CLICK HERE) $220.00

Youth CXJ-1Y $72.00

Youth CXJ-2Y $95.00

Adult CXJ-1 $80.00

Adult CXJ-2 $105.00

And again, below is the pricing for the Race Suits. We have not finalized the design for the Race Suits yet, so the attachment is just to give you an idea of the pattern.:

Padded, non-FIS, Youth $279.00 ea.

Padded, non-FIS, Adult $319.00 ea.

Non-padded, non-FIS, Youth $249.00 ea.

Non-padded, non-FIS, Adult $289.00 ea.

We need a minimum Order 12 Jackets and/or 5 Race Suits, so if you are interested, please let us know. Currently we have received interest in 3 Race Suits, we need 2 more to make it happen. Remember, LVRC does not make any money on these items, They are offered to you at cost.

Also, if you know a business that is willing to sponsor the jackets or Suits, let us know. We can put their Logo's on the items and reduce the costs to you folks.

John Herrick


Lost Valley Racing Club (LVRC)

PO Box 1421

Auburn ME 04211