2016-2017 Membership Rates!

Post date: Nov 7, 2016 11:36:13 PM

To All,

LVRC is pleased to offer our rates for the up and coming ski season. Registration form is attached to this post if you'd like to register immediately. If for whatever reason you can't download the form, email us us and we will send you one. Or, if willing to wait, we will be accepting online registrations and payments in the near future. Check our Registration page soon for the online capabilities!

6 Week Training Sessions, 6-8 PM Monday and Wednesday nights

1/2/17 through 2/20/17, with Make-up Sessions for Cancellations, 2/13/17 through 2/25/17

2 Day Sessions, Mondays & Wednesdays

1st Racer: $350.00 2nd or more Racers: $320.00

1 Day Session, Mondays or Wednesdays

1st Racer: $235.00 2nd or more Racers: $220.00

Additional Saturday Training Sessions

LVRC is offering a 6 week Saturday Session starting the first week for an additional cost. It will be a 2 hour session first thing Saturday mornings. Start time will be confirmed when Lost Valley announces its hours of operation. You must register for one of the mid-week programs to qualify for the Saturday Sessions. We need a minimum of 7 racers to sign up. If we don't meet the minimum, your money will be refunded.

Interested in adding Saturday Session for an Additional Charge?

1st Racer: $180 2nd or more Racers: $165.00

Extra Events and Training Sessions

LVRC will be hosting several training sessions before and after the standard 6 week season at Lost Valley and other Ski Areas. These sessions will be pay as you go, and the fees will be determined based on Ski Area costs and participation. Family members of the Racers can participate at events scheduled at other ski areas to take advantage of reduced group rate ticket prices.