1/25/17 GS Training Session

Post date: Jan 25, 2017 8:28:43 PM

Folks: points to pass on to the athletes:

1) GS again tonight

2)Snow could be funky; take it easy initially

3)Drills are .... drills. We repeat them. Tonight we will revisit the same drills. Encourage the athletes to be patient, focused and engaged.

4)There are times when the athletes are told to take warm up runs and meet at the top. These runs are unsupervised. The athletes need to be self-disciplined, mindful of the public and each other, and not ski like a pack of “wild dogs”. In other words, leave space for each other, work on precise skiing, treat those warm up runs as part of the training session.

5) Remind athletes to work on their skiing when they are outside of LVRC training sessions. In other words, when skiing independently, keep working on the basics. Otherwise, it is like an inch of snow followed by an inch of rain ... the good patterns just get washed away by the bad.

See you all tonight, and DON’T FORGET, we now have FRIDAY training, starting as close to 5 p.m. as possible.