The Guide

Your Base: What is it? An Introduction

First off, if you’re reading this guide, I assume that you have reached captain level 12, the minimum required to enter your base, and you don’t really know what does what. For people who are more familiar with the mechanics of a base, feel free to skip straight to the FAQ. Or you know, skip the guide altogether. If you’ve been playing for a while, this will probably feel really basic to you.

To access your base, you need to tap on the base button from the main menu. It will then bring you to something that approximates the screen below. Also, if you’ve been playing on an emulator the entire time, the base screen responds to motion controls and tilts as you move your phone, like the main menu. It’s pretty cool. You should check it out.

Here is a picture of my base. You can see each of the buildings clearly labelled, with their level next to it. If any buildings are currently being levelled up, a progress bar, along with the time to completion, will be shown underneath the name. There are four unique buildings: the Hub, Refinery, Honkai Powercore, and Command Center. The other four, the Shooting Range, Commander Training Room, Dojo, and Mecha Training Room, are stat enhancement buildings that correspond to one of the Valkyrie characters in the game. When Teresa is released, she will have her own enhancement building.

The Hub increases your allowed maximum friends and skill points. The Refinery slowly generates gold, and if unlocked, items, for you to collect. The Honkai Powercore increases your maximum energy points, or EP, allowed for your buildings’ buff modules. And finally, the Command Center allows you to send Valkyries out on adventures to receive gold and items. The four other buildings increase the base stats of a character: Shooting Range for Kiana, Commander Training Room for Himeko, Dojo for Mei (and Sakura), and Mecha Training Room for Bronya.

Clicking on any building will bring up a screen similar to the one below. If you forget the functions of a building, you can see a short description of what it does after selecting it, as well as its current and maximum level.

From here, you can either level up your building to unlock more features and make the building more powerful, expand it to increase the level cap, or enter the building to actually access the functions of the building.


Base Actions: Level Up, Expand, Activate Buff Modules

These three actions are shared between all buildings (except the Powercore, which has no buff modules). To level up a structure, click on the level up button in the bottom right corner. After doing so, a dialogue box will pop up showing the required items and coins to perform the action, as well as the time needed. While one building is being upgraded, you cannot upgrade another one, so if you don’t want to wait, you can instantly complete the upgrade by paying a small number of crystals depending on the time left till completion.

Here is the dialogue box showing the Shooting Range going from level 5 to level 6. In doing so, it tells me that another buff module will be made available after levelling up. Different buildings have different times required to level up, and the time increases with each level added. The Refinery is the quickest, followed by the Hub, the four stat enhancement buildings, the Powercore, and finally the Command Center is the slowest.

Once you have maxed out your level of the building, you cannot level it up again without expanding it. Expansion requires the building to be max level, and increases the level cap of the building.

Expansion is completed instantly, but be aware that after expanding, to level up the building again requires upgrade materials of the next tier.

Each building also has buff modules you can activate, provided the building is high enough level. To access these modules, first enter the building, and then click on the increase button on the right side, circled in red. Remember, unlike other buildings, the Powercore has no buff modules.

To activate a buff module, click on the inactive and unlocked module you would like to activate.

The effects of the module will then be displayed, as well as the EP required. Then, click the “Activate” button. You must have free EP at least equal to the required EP of the module to activate it. Also, you need to have activated at least one of the modules next to the one you want to activate. Each building has unique buff modules that will be explained in depth later, when talking about that building. If you find that you don’t like the amount of EP one of your buildings is taking up, you can reset all the activated buff modules for a small fee of coins by clicking the reset button in the bottom right corner.


The Structures: The Hub

The hub increases the maximum friends and skill points you can have at any one time. Entering the Hub will show you how many of each you have, as well as the bonus to your maximum. To increase these, just levelling up the building isn’t enough. You need to activate the buff module associated with either maximum friends, or maximum skill points.

The earlier modules only add +1 or +2, but that number increases as you level it up and activate the later modules. In addition, the modules that add to the number of friends do not consume EP, so if you want a large friend list, don’t worry. You won’t have to sacrifice your other buildings’ efficiency for it.


The Honkai Powercore

The Honkai Powercore is probably the simplest building. It provides energy, EP, to activate your buff modules of other buildings. The only thing you can do with it is level it up. Entering it will give you an overview of your current EP used and maximum EP available, as well as how much EP the next level of the Powercore will give.


The Refinery

The Refinery passively collects coins even when not logged in, which you can claim at any time by clicking the claim button. 

While levelling the building will increase the coins per hour and maximum held, you can also increase them by activating buff modules, as well as increase the critical rate and multiplier.

Starting at level 7, you can also activate buff modules that allow you to collect upgrade and experience materials. One of the modules that allows you to do it is circled above.


The Stat Enhancement Buildings:

For brevity’s sake, I will only be showing the Dojo. The rest of them are functionally identical, except they correspond to different characters.

Like the Hub, levelling up the Dojo (or any of the others) does nothing on its own. You need to activate buff modules for there to be any effect.

Each of the buff modules increases a stat by 5% of its base value. In addition to requiring a certain level, there are also buff modules that require you to own a specific Valkyrie frame at a high enough level.


The Command Center

And finally, the last building, and the most complex. The Command Center allows you to send your Valkyries out on adventures to gain materials and coins. At first you are allowed only one ongoing adventure at a time, but this can be increased by buff modules. Be aware that if the Valkyries are sent off on adventures, they cannot be brought into normal missions. They can, however, still be used for Sakura Samsara, Infinity Abyss, and Matrix Exploration.

Entering the Command Center gives an overview of the available adventures, as well as the ones currently in progress. To start an adventure, just click the “Go!” button to go to the team formation screen.

Different adventures have different requirements and rewards. All requirements must be met in order to go on the adventure. If your team does not satisfy any, the requirement will be in red. For example, my Valkyrie Bladestrike is level 10 or above, but it is a Creature-type, whereas the adventure requires a Mecha-type character.

Once the team is sent out, the adventure will be listed as ongoing at the top of the adventure list. If you wish to use the Valkyrie that you have sent out, you may use Speed Order items to decrease the time required to finish the adventure, or click the “Retreat” button and withdraw the team. Nothing bad happens if you retreat; you just don’t get the rewards for completing an adventure.

Once an adventure is complete, you may claim the rewards, and the adventure disappears from the list of available adventures. Adventures refresh every day at midnight, and you can manually refresh by paying a small fee of crystals.

Sometimes, in addition to the materials in the drop list, your Valkyries will bring back more coins or experience materials. Other times…

Please do not overwork your Valkyries.

There are three different types of buff modules available for the Command center. One increases the difficulty cap of the adventures that show up, one allows more adventures to show up when they are reset for the day at night, and one increases the number of adventures you can have active at once.

There are also adventures that require stamina. These will show up at the bottom of the adventure list, and each one rewards captain EXP in equal to the stamina consumed in addition to the material drops.


FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Question: Help! I’m just starting out! What buildings should I upgrade first?
Answer: Personally, I believe that the best building to upgrade is the Command Center, unless you do not have enough EP to activate the next buff module, in which case you should upgrade the Powercore. Sending your Valkyries on adventures gives a steady income of upgrade materials, which are required to upgrade other buildings. If you are starting out, well, first of all the Shooting Range is locked until captain level 33, and that’s the earliest of the stat enhancement buildings. They also only upgrade base stats, which are not very high at lower levels. It is important to level them up eventually, but only for late game content. Unless you are a social butterfly, the base number of friends should be sufficient to not require upgrading the Hub. And the Refinery is not really worth the time investment compared to the rewards that adventures give.
tl;dr: Command Center = Powercore >>> Stat Enhancements > Refinery >> Hub. Do adventures. Get mats.

2.     Question: What are these upgrade materials? How do I get them?
Answer: Upgrade materials are the materials required to upgrade weapons, stigmata, and buildings. There are two different kinds of upgrade materials, each separated into four tiers, with a rarity (number of stars on the item) going from 1 to 4. The tier that the item or building requires to upgrade depends on its rarity, or expansion level. The first kind, basic upgrade materials, are used by all of the above, and can be found as random drops from story stages, the reward for completing an adventure, from the Refinery if you have activated the right buff module, or in the shop at the Logistics Terminal or Armada Terminal. The main source of these is the Command Center, which is why it is recommended to upgrade that first. Tier 1 materials are the Greatsword BladepieceHonkai Beast Paw, and Tungsten Fragment. Tier 2 materials are the Titanium Barrel, Honkai Beast Wingshell, and Aerostat. Tier 3 materials are the Broken Handle, Microreactor, and Iralloy (Iridium Alloy?) Sparkplug. Tier 4 materials are the Super Alloy Shield, Phase Shifter, and Tesla Turbine. 
In addition to these, there are five different series of shards/wills, that can only be found from the shop or from a special event stage. Each piece of equipment only requires one of the different series to upgrade, and levelling buildings does not require them. Building expansion, however, does. One is open every weekday, and the stages can only be run two times each day before requiring Planeroid Tokens, so be sure to do them. The five series are Moon, Sakura, Ocean, Tokiwa, and Lightning. Tier 1 are Shards, Tier 2 Twin Shards, Tier 3 Wills, and Tier 4 Twin Wills. (For example, Moon Shard, Twin Moon Shard, Moon Will, and Twin Moon Will are the four in the Moon series.)
Finally, there is an upgrade material called the Honkai Crystal. This is only used for upgrading 4 star weapons. Three are required to max out one weapon. These can only be gotten from the salvaging of other 4 star weapons that require a Honkai Crystal to upgrade, or very rarely, as rewards from an event. They are extremely rare unless you spend lots of money on crystals for supply crates, so don’t waste them on a weapon that you won’t use, or is bad.

3.     Question: What are the most important upgrade materials to aim for?
Answer: In the beginning, you will probably have a large shortage of the basic tier 1 materials. The drop rate for them from the story stages is not very high, so before you can do multiple adventures in a day, it will be hard to stockpile them. By the time you require a lot of the basic tier 2 or 3 materials, you probably will have loads of them. For example, I have at least 30 of each, and I get them faster than I can use them. Basic tier 4 materials are very rare, so you probably will never have enough of them. That is also why you want to level up your Command Center to level 18, which allows for the first S rank adventures.
For the shards, you probably will run into a shortage of Wills and Twin Wills at the beginning, because they can only be gotten from their event stage after Captain level 30 (or 45 for Twin Wills), and each 3 or 4 star weapon and stigmata requires at least 5 to upgrade completely. Since it is hard to obtain multiple at once, and you never know when you will roll a weapon or stigmata that requires them, I recommend doing the event stage every weekday to stockpile them when you have unlocked those stages.

4.     Question: I heard that you run out of coins though. Shouldn’t you upgrade the Refinery to increase coin production? And it gives upgrade materials as well.
Answer: The Refinery’s coin and material production is really really really really really slow. Like, it gives a couple hundred coins an hour at the earlier levels, and it makes a couple of upgrade materials every 24 hours. It’s not worth giving up the ability to get a steady flow of materials that the Command Center gives. And also, adventures give coins. Without counting the coin item drops, they give around half as many coins as the Refinery does at a similar level. And if you get a coin item, that’s basically the entire day’s production worth of the Refinery.
As for upgrade materials, the Command Center just gives upgrade materials much earlier than the Refinery, and at a faster pace. Without doing adventures, you will run into a shortage of the tier 1 upgrade materials, like Greatsword Bladepieces and Tungsten Fragments, that the Refinery eats like crazy to upgrade. The Command Center offers tier 1 upgrade materials at level 1; the Refinery does at level 10. For tier 2, the Command Center offers them at around level 5 or 6. The Refinery does at level 24, and you have to take a stigmata EXP material buff module, further diluting the pool of random materials the Refinery gives. And it can only hold one at a time; to increase storage you need to take other EXP material buff modules. The chances of getting what you need then, become vanishingly small, in addition to how slow it actually makes them.

5.     Question: I accidentally activated some buff modules that I didn’t want, and now I need the EP! Can I get rid of them?
Answer: From the buff module screen of your building, you can click the reset button to deactivate all the buff modules of the building for a couple thousand coins.

6.     Question: Why is there this annoying red exclamation mark on the “Base” button on the home screen? I’ve done everything in my base possible!
Answer: There is no way currently to deal with it. It is because the global is on version 2.0, so it expects us to have a Dormitory building, but miHoYo has not implemented it yet. Thus, we have actions that we “can” do in our base that we can’t actually do.

7.     Question: Why do you not need to upgrade the Hub? Don’t you need it to salvage weapons and stigmata?
Answer: Not on the global version. That has been moved to the Equipment screen, where the sell button usually is in the bottom right corner.

8.     Question: What does the rank of an adventure mean?
Answer: The rank of an adventure, from D to SSS, denotes the amount of time required to complete it, as well as the tier of upgrade material it gives. D rank adventures take 2 hours and give tier 1 materials, C rank take 3 hours and give tier 1 as well, B take 4 hours and give tier 2, A take 5 hours and give tier 3, and S and up take 6+ hours and give tier 4.

9.     Question: What happens if I “Retreat” from an adventure?
Answer: Nothing much. The adventure goes back on the list of available adventures, if you spent stamina on the adventure it is returned, and the Valkyries that were sent on it are now free to do other things. The only thing you lose is the time they spent on the adventure before being recalled.

10.  Question: What does sending out Valkyries on adventures do?
Answer: While a Valkyrie frame is out on an adventure, it cannot be sent out on another adventure or join a team for any boss invasion, story stage, or event stage that is not Infinity Abyss. They can still be used for Sakura Samsara, Infinity Abyss, or Matrix Exploration. They may also still be chosen as your support Valkyrie for friends to use and for your main menu to level up their affection. 

11.  Question: Should I do the adventures that require stamina?
Answer: During the earlier levels, not if you have time to use it by playing through missions and such. Mission rewards are better than adventure ones, and below captain level 50 they give +50% EXP, and possibly +50% more if you use an experience chip. If you have the time, stamina should be spent going through the story missions, grinding Valkyrie fragments, or doing other event quests. If you don’t have the time to play though, by all means use your stamina that way. It’s better than having it go to waste.

12.  Question: Can I see other people’s bases? Does it do anything?
Answer: If they’re your friend, yes. And more than that, you can help them out. Go to your friends list, and click on the green gear on the right side of their name. Then click “Visit Base”.

While there, you can see their base and like it by clicking the green thumbs up. If the friend in question has something that you can do to help out, you can click on the building with a glowing green hammer and wrench.

If you want to, you can donate either materials or a small amount (like 2) of stamina, depending on what the prompt wants, as well as 1 License. You have 5 Licenses a day with which to use to help people out. Donating will reward you with 20 Friendship points and either a 2-3* material or some coins. It will also benefit your friend as well by giving them friend points and increasing your friendship level with them.
Later, when Dormitories are released, we should be able to do more with friends’ bases, but that’s about it for now.