The Lost Churches of Plymouth

Histories of Churches destroyed in the Blitz and since in the 'Three Towns' of Plymouth, Devonport and Stonehouse

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Plymouth has a rich and interesting history in its beautiful churches. Many are now long forgotten churches which were destroyed in the blitz of Plymouth during World War Two... sadly many churches have since closed and been demolished...

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An image of St Augustine's Church in Lipson after suffering a direct hit in 1943 - the church was restored in the 1940's and 1950s... sadly it survived for less than another 60 years before it was demolished.

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This website hopes to restore the names of many old and forgotten churches within the history of our City and provide interested people with some information about their local area - or the area in which their families lived.


This website is in the early stages of its creation and I'd be grateful for any information you may have that enables me to compile as accurately as possible the histories of these places of worship - Thank You

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