paradise of birds
tennessee warbler

In 1803, when John James Audubon arrived in America at the age of 18, there were six million people and countless pockets of wilderness. It was a paradise of birds. He became completely at home on the frontier. He casually accompanied Osage Indians into the wilderness on bear hunts. Sometimes he vanished for months taking with him little more than a gun, a painting kit, and a flute or violin. Traveling into the wilderness he observed birds endlessly.
Louis XV
In 1725, the explorer Etienne de Veniard, Sieur de Bougmont, led a delegation of Osage and other tribal allies to Paris. The Native Americans hunted with Louis XV in the royal forest at Fontainebleau.  

Osaga man 1875 photo_

One can imagine Audubon conversing in French with his Osage friends