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  • Sonny Terry Rock 'n' Boogie - 8th part - Ending 8th part. Ending. Blues harp tutorial. Intermediate level. In this video we will play the ending of this song. Sonny played similar endings in several songs like "Hooray, Hooray, This ...
    Posted May 16, 2013, 8:07 AM by Lost Toni
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Tongue Blocking Riff 1 - Blues Harp - Beginning level

First lesson about tongue blocking technique on blues harp.


Tongue Blocking 12 bar blues

With these videos we can play a 12 bar blues. We'll play it with a typical riff using tongue-blocking.

DeFord Bailey's Fox Chase

We will learn some techniques used by DeFord Bailey: tongue blocking, slaps, pulls,...

To make these videos I have studied the old tapes of Deford Bailey thoroughly, and I've included additional information and comments of DeFord Bailey...

Sonny Terry Rock 'n' Boogie

Sonny Terry is one of the most famous of the traditional blues harmonica players. In this video series we will play a four chorus boogie, using Sonny's typical techniques like chugging, hand smacks, tongue blocking,...


The side-to-side flutter is an effect used by great blues harp players like Little Walter and Kim Wilson... is the rapid movement of the tongue from side to side. In these videos we will learn to play this great effect, with a song inspired by "Oh Baby".

We will learn some techniques used by Big Walter Horton: flutters, growls, slaps, pulls,...
We will practice playing a song inspired by one of his greatest hits: Walter's Boogie.