23/04/1946 GRIMSBY TOWN GY 136 S.T. Ran aground at Hjoerleifs Hofdi Iceland

24/04/1946 EARL ESSEX GY 48 S.T. Foundered as a result of an explosion in the North sea probably a mine

28/08/1946 SUMURU MFV Foundered

05/11/1946 SERAPION GY 1154 S.T. Collision with the S.T. Athenian of Grimsby 6 miles off River Humber

05/11/1946 VIRGINIAN GY 211 S.T. Collision with SS Empire Rapier 30 miles N N E of River Humber


25/12/1947 RUNNYMEDE MFV Collision with SS GUDVIN of Norway in the Royal Dock Grimsby


13/03/1948 EPINE GY 7 S.T. Stranded West Coast of Iceland

06/08/1948 BELVOIR CASTLE MFV Stranded Seaton Sands West Hartlepool 

01/11/1948 MILDENHALL GY 280 S.T. Stranded 2 miles S E of Cape Nyemetski, Finland

01/12/1948 SARGON GY 858 S.T. Stranded Patreksfjordur West Iceland


31/03/1949 EWA MFV collision with Italian Steamer VITTORIO VENETO in North Sea

23/08/1949 ST CLAIR GY 387 S.T. Stranded Swona Pentland Firth


17/02/1950 POLLARD GY 244 S.T. Stranded Trannoy West Fjord Norway

14/04/1950 PRESTON NORTH END GY 82 S.T. Stranded geirfugladrangar Reef S W of Eldy Saeberg Iceland

24/04/1950 OGANO GY 69 S.T. Stranded Brokur Reef S Coast of Iceland


05/09/1950 AUCUBA GY 117 S.T. Collision with SS MARIA BIBOLINI of Italy off Robin Hoods Bay


06/03/1952 FOURWAYS MFV Foundered near Esbjerg

17/05/1952 TROJAN GY 848 S.T. Collision

20/08/1952 MAGNOLIA GY 482 S.T. Foundered while being towed by ROSE OF ENGLAND


31/01/1953 SHELDON GY 696 S.T.Missing 

22/03/1953 LEICESTER CITY GY 106 S.T. Stranded Breibuster Head Hoy Orkneys

10/06/1953 RIVIERE GY 14 S.T. Sunk after Collision with FIRELIGHT 5 miles off Flamborough Head

18/09/1953 HASSETT GY 489 S.T. Stranded Aukeingill Wick 

16/11/1953 BELLDOCK GY 367 S.T. Stranded Balta Sound Shetland Isles

13/12/1953 RIVER LEVEN GY 293 S.T. Foundered 33 miles N E by E 1/2 E of the Tyne


08/02/1954 LAFOREY GY 85 S.T. Stranded Sendinggane Norway

24/12/1954 HALTON STORM MFV Foundered in North Sea approx 20 miles off River Humber whilst in tow

31/12/1954 EVELYN ROSE GY 9 S.T. Stranded Ardtornish Point Morvern Argyllshire