31/01/1907 KING JOHN GY 1187 S.T. Collision with S.T. King Edward of Grimsby approx 145 miles E 1/2 N of Spurn Point

20/03/1907 ABYDOS GY 73 S.T. Stranded near Reykjanes Light house Iceland

11/05/1907 LISMORE GY 1186 S.T. Collision with SS Eva of Norway approx 20 miles N E 1/2 E of Spurn Point

27/09/1907 SCORPIO GY 138 S.T. Stranded 3 miles South of Wick

09/11/1907 PREMIER GY 740 S.T. Stranded approx 25 miles SW of Ingoldshoff, Iceland

04/12/1907 ROWENA GY 915 S.T. Missing since 04/12/1907


18/01/1908 AMESBURY ABBEY GY 1160 S.T. Collision with S.T. FALSTAFF of Hull approx 235 miles E by N of Spurn Point

26/02/1908 CRANE GY 1237 S.T. Stranded The Stirks, Sound of Mull Argyllshire

04/03/1908 BEGONIA GY 210 S.T. Stranded The Sow and Pigs Rocks North of Blythe

20/03/1908 GOLDFINDER GY 526 S.T.Foundered 12 miles N of Godrevy Island St. Ives Cornwall

15/04/1908 CLITUS GY 63 S.T. Stranded 1 mile E by S 3/4 S of East Pierhead Blythe Northumberland

13/10/1908 BUSTARD GY 1283 S.T. Collision with SS JOHN O SCOTT of Newcastle approx 110 miles NE of Spurn Point

20/10/1908 RHENO GY 796 S.T. Collision with S.T. CRUX of Grimsby approx 17 miles E by S of Spurn Lightship

22/12/1908 WASHINGTON GY 261 S.T. Stranded near Selvog Iceland

23/12/1908 ARGO GY 628 Ketch Stranded Blands Point 4 miles N of Scarborough


04/01/1909 LEPANTO GY 1193 S.T. Stranded Klitmoller Bay Denmark

20/01/1909 ARTIC GY 165 S.T. Collision with SS HAVERSTOE of Grimsby approx 5 miles E by N of Flamborough Head

18/08/1909 SUSAN ROBERTS Ketch Stranded off Saltfleet Lincolnshire

22/08/1909 St. VINCENT GY 502 S.T. Foundered 30 miles NE by E of Smalls Lighthouse Pembrokshire

14/11/1909 DEFENDER GY 1279 S.T. Stranded Mackenzie Rock SW of Skerryvore Light

03/12/1909 JUPITER GY 1149 S.T. Missing since 03/12/1909

10/12/1909 DART GY 523 S.T. Collision with SS HAVERSTOE of Grimsby 3/4 mile from Burcom Buoy, River Humber


07/01/1910 EUROPE GY 411 S.T. Collision with GROVEHURST of Landekrona Sweden approx 30 miles NE by N of Spurn Point

11/01/1910 BLOSSOM GY 327 Ketch Stranded at Sunk Sand, The Wash

16/01/1910 WAMBA GY 381 S.T. Stranded North end of Cara Island Bernera Hebrides, Later salved

16/09/1910 UMBALLA GY 130 S.T. Stranded Riftsness Reef NE Coast of Iceland


04/02/1911 SILVERDALE GY 999 S.T. Collision with S.T. STRATON of Grimsby near the Spurn Lightship

27/03/1911 NANDU GY 439 S.T. Stranded at Scraggy Point Iceland

17/05/1911 LACONIA GY 1173 S.T. Collision with SS LOCH LOMOND of Dundee approx 3 miles E N E of Flamborough Head

19/07/1911 SANDO GY 220 S.T. Collision with S.T. OCEANIC of Grimsby approx 25 miles S E of Munken Light Faroe Islands

29/08/1911 GLEANER S.T. 160 Collision with S.T. CARDIFF of Grimsby approx 104 miles E by N of Spurn Lightship

14/12/1911 PERSIAN GY 1226 S.T. Missing since 14/12/1911


10/01/1912 ANNIE Ketch Collision with S.T. St.GEORGE  of Grimsby in the Inner Roads Grimsby

11/01/1912 CRUX GY 106 S.T. Stranded Out Newton 4 miles South of Withernsea, Yorkshire

17/02/1912 SVINO GY 221 S.T. Collision with S.T. LUNE of Grimsby 96 miles E 1/4 S of Spurn Point

27/07/1912 TILIA GY 1172 S.T. Stranded Staxigoe near Wick

10/1912 TASMANIA GY 554 S.T. Stranded between Danger Point and Dyer Island Cape Colony

06/11/1912 ROMEO GY 735 S.T. Missing Since 06/11/1912


20/01/1913 VARONIL GY 386 S.T. Stranded near Grindavik, Iceland

06/02/1913 BELOVAR GY 109 S.T. Missing Since 06/02/1913

11/02/1913 ZINNIA GY 51 S.T. Missing Since 11/02/1913

12/02/1913 HARWICH GY 170 S.T. Collision with SS ASK of Denmark 44 miles E by S of Spurn Lightship

19/02/1913 HUGELIA GY 472 S.T. Stranded 5 miles W of Keis Kamma River Cape of Good Hope

29/11/1913 DAYRIAN GY 135 S.T. Collision with S.T. XERXES of Swansea Off Spurn Point