Lost Grimsby Vessels 1898-01

   1898 - 1901 


01/02/1898 ULCEBY GY 284 S.T. Foundered about 200 miles E by N  1/2N of Spurn Point

12/03/1898 RANGER GY 386 Dandy Sunk after collision with Bonnie Boy of Yarmouth 190 miles N E by N of Spurn Point

18/03/1898 LA MASCOTTE GY 1062 Ketch Burnt approx 250 miles NNE of Spurn Point

24/03/1898 TRIO GY 542 Ketch Stranded near Tetney Haven, Lincolnshire

24/03/1898 TOBIT and ANNIE GY 946 Dandy Collision with the Barque BRUDDER of Norway 25 miles ESE of Flamborough Head

30/04/1898 ROSSEND GY 377 Dandy Burnt approx 160 miles NE by E of Spurn Point

27/05/1898 ALERT GY 830 Ketch Burnt at Sea approx 200 miles E by S of Spurn Point

03/08/1898 TUBAL CAIN GY 288 S.T. Collision with Admiral Nelson of Newcastle approx 4 miles ESE of Flamborough Head

26/10/1898 PREMIER GY 841 Dandy Foundered approx 15 miles S by W of Buchanness Lighthouse Aberdeenshire

27/11/1898 PARAGON GY 891 Dandy collision with floating wreckage approx 40 miles WNW of Kinnairds Head Aberdeenshire


23/01/1899 JOSEPH and SARAH Ketch Burnt approx 50 miles NNE of Spurn point

28/01/1899 LILY OF THE VALLEY Ketch Foundered approx 21 miles NE of Withernsea

02/02/1899 WILLIAM Sloop Collision with S.T. ORINOCO of Hull off killingholme Lincolnshire

04/02/1899 RIBY Ketch Stranded Beast Cliff Yorkshire

21/02/1899 EUROPE Ketch Stranded Hollesley Bay Suffolk

12/03/1899 WILLIAM HOOD Dandy Stranded near Patten Holland

05/04/1899 EXPRESS Smack Foundered approx 2 1/2 miles S W of inner Dowsing Buoy River Humber

09/09/1899 COLUMBIA Dandy Stranded Revsnaes Melrakka Slette Iceland

21/09/1899 OXFORD Dandy Stranded Tongue Sutherlandshire

30/10/1899 SILVER FIR Ketch Foundered 15 miles S E of Lowestoft

09/12/1899 MATILDA MEADOWS Ketch Missing since 09/12/1899

14/12/1899 DORIC S.T. Stranded kettleness Point Yorkshire


06/02/1900 INDIAN GY 173 S.T. Missing since 06/02/1900

14/02/1900 SIR LANCELOT GY 1040 S.T. Missing since 14/02/1900

15/02/1900 TOMMY CAMPBELL Dandy Foundered 40 miles ENE of Spurn Point

29/07/1900 GERMANIA GY 540 S.T. Collision with SS JAEGERSBORG of Denmark 90 miles EW by N of Blyth

03/08/1900 MALCOLM Smack Stranded at Clee Lincolnshire

04/08/1900 ELSIE Smack Collision with Lifeboat JAMES STEVENS in Royal Dock Basin Grimsby

06/10/1900 CHAMPION GY 651 S.T. Stranded Little Skerry Rock Pentland Firth


24/04/1901 LINDSEY GY 1152 S.T. Stranded off the lowland of Portland Iceland

14/06/1901 TWO BROTHERS Dandy Stranded Skitter Sand River Humber

13/11/1901 AMAZON GY 943 S.T. Missing since 13/11/1901

13/11/1901 JAMES STEVENSON Dandy Missing since 13/11/1901

14/11/1901 LILY Ketch Foundered Holkham Bay Norfolk