16/01/1896 ACHIEVEMNET Dandy Stranded Spurn Point  

27/01/1896 TRUE LOVE ketch Stranded Flamborough Head

09/04/1896 LIZZIE CARTER Ketch Collision with LOCUST of Hull 7 miles S S E of Spurn Light Vessel

04/1896 HENRY AND HERBERT Collision with ENDEAVOUR

05/1896 CITY OF LONDON Collision with Schooner JASEP of Russia

18/07/1896 HERCULES Stranded N end of Stroma Island and Foundered 3 miles S of Duncansby Head

31/07/1896 HERO OF KHARTOUM Ketch Stranded 2 miles S of Sylt Island Light House Denmark

05/09/1896 AGONIST Dandy Collision with RESTLESS WAVE of Grimsby about 180 miles E by S of Spurn Point

07/10/1896 SOLO Ketch Stranded Egmont Holland

16/10/1896 YOUNG GEORGE Dandy Stranded near Dimlington Yorkshire

05/11/1896 WALTER AND OSCAR Dandy Collision with LENA of Brendal Norway Approx 180 miles E 1/2 S of Spurn Point

11/11/1896 POLLY CAMPBELL Dandy Collision with Brig  GUSTAFVA of Doust 4 miles E of Spurn Point

17/11/1896 ALFRED AND HENRY Dandy Stranded Inner Binks River Humber

12/12/1896 A.M.WATKIN  Ketch Collision with NORTHDENE of Newcastle Upon Tyne off Flamborough Head


08/01/1897 CHANTICLEER GY 735 Dandy Stranded on Trinity Sands River Humber

19/01/1897 JAMES CAMPBELL GY 792 Dandy Dismasted approx 50 miles E S E of Borkum Light Vessel and abandoned to Salvors

26/01/1897 CONDOR GY 10 S.T. Missing since 26/01/1897

04/03/1897 LEADING STAR GY 510 Dandy Stranded Middle Sand River Humber

27/04/1897 FALCON GY 230 Ketch Sunk after collision in North Sea

17/05/1897 KNIGHT ERRANT GY 298 Dandy Collision with floating wreckage approx 16 miles N W of Terschelling

24/05/1897 ADMIRAL GY 11 S.T. Collision with Ice approx 28 miles N N E of North Cape Iceland

03/06/1897 Dr. LEES GY 416 Dandy Stranded Ymuiden Harbour entrance Holland

18/06/1897 SANCHO GY 354 Ketch Collision with LORD SALISBURY of Hull 35 miles WNW of Heligoland

29/06/1897 AZALEA GY 199 S.T. Stranded N W end of Stroma Orkney Islands

22/07/1897 FLIRT GY 147 Ketch Run down by steamer SS TALIS of Gefle Sweden approx 45 miles E N E of Spurn Point

17/08/1897 WILLIAM GRANGE GY 588 Ketch Collision with Smack WINDSOR CASTLE of Hull approx 170 miles E by N of Spurn Point

04/09/1897 SALACIA GY 975 Dandy Collision with LORD NELSON of Grimsby approx 40 miles N E of Spurn Point

22/10/1897 INDUSTRY GY 714 Dandy Stranded Stag Rocks near Cape Wrath Sutherlandshire

27/10/1897 CECIL GY 595 Ketch Collision with RHONE of Grimsby approx 20 miles E by N of Spurn Point

31/10/1897 SECRET GY 643 Dandy Collision with AUSTRALIA of Hull approx 100 miles E N E  1/2 E of Spurn Point

04/11/1897 ADA GY 809 Ketch Burnt approx 17 miles N E by E of Flamborough Head

11/11/1897 BOLDERO GY 584 Collision with SS CAMEO of Hull near Burcom Buoy River Humber

13/12/1897 MAGGIE GY 874 Dandy Foundered approx 14 miles N N E of Cape Wrath