23/01/1893 ENERGY Cutter Stranded S End of Caister Spit Norfolk

17/08/1893 FORTUNA Ketch  Collision with S T IBIS of Glasgow approx 280 miles E 1/2 S of Spurn Point

13/11/1893 TRUE BROTHERS Dandy Missing since

16/11/1893 HARRY SINCLAIR Dandy Stranded Withernsea Yorkshire

17/11/1893 CAMBRIA Dandy Missing

18/11/1893 MISS LEAK Cutter Stranded Inner Knock Sand Boston Deeps

19/11/1893 CAMBRIA S.T. Missing

19/11/1893 RAVENDALE  Ketch Missing

19/11/1893 FRANK dandy Stranded off Skegness Lincolnshire

17/12/1893 KITTY Ketch Collision with smack CITY of MANCHESTER of Hull 130 miles E N E of Spurn Point


05/01/1894 RIPPLING WAVE Ketch Collision with SAMUEL AND ANN of Hull approx 90 miles N E by N Spurn Point 

02/02/1894 ROWLAND GY 919 Dandy Missing Probably run down on or around 19/02/1884

12/02/1894 COVENTRY GY 558 Dandy Foundered approx 115 miles N E by E of Spurn Point

12/02/1894 DAWN GY 294 Dandy Stranded Skudesnoes Norway

17/02/1894 HELEN MAUDE Ketch Stranded N E end of Cork Sand off Essex

04/03/1894 SILVER QUEEN GY 78 Dandy Collision with Floating wreckage approx 27 miles E by N of Spurn Point

07/04/1894 SOBRIETY GY 707 Sunk after collision with BASSETT HOUND of Hull approx 120 miles E N E of Spurn Point

08/04/1894 CHILLIAN GY 564 S.T. Stranded Filey Brigg, Yorkshire

23/05/1894 ROSEBUD GY 112 Ketch Collision with NINA of Hull approx 17 miles S E of Spurn Point

29/06/1894 SPRAY GY 319 Ketch Collision with SS ACTIF of France 16 miles E by N of Spurn Point

30/06/1894 CRUSADER GY 283 Dandy Collision with BALMORE of Dundee 15 miles E of Spurn Light Vessel

01/07/1894 CORISANDE GY 961 Dandy Stranded Duncansby Ness

08/09/1894 GEORGE HOOKER GY 1027 Ketch Foundered approx 85 miles E 1/2S of Spurn Point

10/09/1894 VINETA GY 927 Dandy Foundered approx 17 miles E S E of Spurn Point

23/09/1894 ARNCLIFFE GY 247 Ketch Burntapprox 190 miles E by N of Spurn Point

26/09/1894 LADY GODIVA GY 819 Dandy Collision with Smack ANGLIA of Grimsby approx 170 miles E by 1/2 N of Spurn Point

16/10/1894 ETHEL GY 290 Ketch Run down by S.T. SYDNEY of Hull off Spurn Point

22/10/1894 ALCEDO GY 594 S.T. Collision with Lugger EXCELSIOR of Holland 65 miles E N E of Spurn Point

21/12/1894 ALICE ISABEL GY 480 S.T. Missing since 21/12/1894

22/12/1894 ELIZABETH Dandy Missing since 22/12/1894

23/12/1894 ARTHUR & FANNY GY 880 Dandy Foundered approx 16 miles N E of spurn Point


30/01/1895 LITTLE NELL GY 412 Dandy In collision with NELLIE ROBERTS of Grimsby 40 miles N E of Spurn Point

17/03/1895 CHEERING GY 645 Dandy Burnt approx 90 miles E N E of Spurn Point

03/04/1895 THE BLACK WATCH GY 652 Dandy In collision with EMPRESS OF INDIA of Grimsby approx 130 miles E N E of Spurn Point

16/04/1895 DEWDROP GY 908 Dandy In collision with Barque HOLMEWOOD of Christiania Norway approx 65 miles  E S E of Spurn Point

16/05/1895 BITTERN GY 495 S.T. Missing since 16/05/1895

05/07/1895 SPARKLING WAVE GY 1069 Ketch In collision with CITONIA of Grimsby 54' 5N 6' 0 E

10/07/1895 UHLAN GY 646 Dandy In collision with EDWARD HENEAGE of Grimsby 15 miles W S W of Sylt Island

11/07/1895 JOSEPH CHAPMAN GY 6 Ketch In collision with SAPPHIRE of Hull approx 110 miles E 1/2 S of Spurn Point

18/07/1895 HIBERNIA GY 169 Ketch In collision with German Trawler HH7 25 miles N W 3/4N of Heligoland

28/08/1895 MARIAN FRANCIS GY 5 Ketch In collision with JOHN McINTYRE of London 4 miles ENE of Withernsea

31/08/1895 L'AVENIR GY 920 Ketch Stranded Amrum Shoal

05/09/1895 STAR GY 289 Dandy In collision with STAG of West Hartlepool 17 miles SE by S of Spurn Point

05/10/1895 MESSENGER GY 281 Dandy Foundered approx 225 miles E of Spurn Point

15/10/1895 MYRTLE GY 151 Yawl Stranded off Norfolk coast

15/10/1895 SILVIO GY 240 Ketch Stranded Osgoodby Nab near Scarborough

15/11/1895 SURPASS GY 744 Ketch Missing since 15/11/1895

24/11/1895 J MURRELL GY 619 Ketch Stranded opposite the Coast Guard Station at Horseshoe Point, North Cotes Licolnshire

26/11/1895 LITTLE OYSTER GIRL GY 1003 Ketch Missing since 26/11/1895

30/11/1895 ACTIVE GY 867 Dandy Missing since 30/11/1895

05/12/1895 NEDDY CAMPBELL GY 987 Dandy Missing since 05/12/1895

05/12/1895 LITTLE NELLY GY 864 Dandy Foundered 240 miles E of Spurn Point

08/12/1895 STORK GY 508 S.T. Missing since 08/12/1895

12/12/1895 UCAL GY 935 Dandy In collision with SS HARRATON of Sunderland approx 20 miles E N E of Whitby