Lost Grimsby Vessels 1885-87

    1885 - 1887 


01/01/1885 ADVANCE Dandy Missing 01/01/1885

10/01/1885 LAPWING Dandy Missing 10/01/1885

27/01/1885 FAVORITE Dandy Collision with SS Newminister of Newcastle Upon Tyne near Newsand Light

25/03/1885 ALBICORE Dandy Foundered 85 miles N E by E 1/2 E of Spurn Point

27/07/1885 EMILY Dandy Collision with Dandy Agra of Grimsby 225 miles E 1/2 N of Spurn Point

18/08/1885 JANE AND ELIZABETH Ketch Foundered approx 35 miles E S E of Spurn Point

28/08/1885 TEMPLAR Ketch Collision with Smack Coventry of Grimsby approx 250 miles E N E of Spurn Point

08/09/1885 GROVE Ketch Abandoned in North Sea after hitting floating wreckage and is thought to have foundered approx 190 miles E N E of Spurn Point

10/09/1885 CITY OF BERGEN Dandy Stranded 3 miles S S W of Reefsness Iceland

23/09/1885 FAITH Dandy Abandoned and presumed foundered 90 miles E by N of Spurn Point

16/10/1885 ORIENT Cutter Stranded 1/2 mile N of Withernsea Pier

21/11/1885 ANN GUZZWELL Dandy Missing since 21/11/1885

28/11/1885 CATHERINE Dandy Collision with SS Bradford of Grimsby off Clee Ness River Humber

04/12/1885 LEADER Ketch Foundered 80 miles E of Spurn Point

15/12/1885 ROBERT AND CHARLOTTE Barque Foundered West Side of Hermano Island Cattegat Sweden

19/12/1885 TWO BROTHERS Ketch Missing since 19/12/1885


01/01/1886 THOMAS Smack Stranded at Iceland

05/04/1886 LITTLE WILLIAM Dandy Collision with Dandy ENCHANTRESS of Grimsby approx 90 miles E N E of Spurn Point

14/05/1886 FRIENDS Sloop Foundered near Killingholme River Humber

09/12/1886 MARTIN LUTHER Dandy Abandoned and Foundered 80 miles E by N of Spurn Point

22/12/1886 ALFRED Cutter Stranded 1.25 miles S of Saltfleet Haven Lincolnshire


03/01/1887 KATE Ketch Collision with Schooner CAROLINE AUGUSTA Denmark apporx 100 miles E of Spurn Point

15/01/1887 TIGER Sloop Stranded Anderby Beach

05/02/1887 HYDRA Dandy Foundered 10 miles off Hornsea

13/02/1887 GEORGE MOODY Smack Foundered 40 miles N E by E of Spurn Point

26/02/1887 BERTHA Dandy Missing since 26/02/1887

23/03/1887 BAND OF HOPE Smack Collision with Sway of Grimsby off Bull Light Vessel

18/08/1887 VIRGO GY 1008 S.T. Collision with Taurus of Grimsby approx 240 miles N E by E of Spurn Point

20/08/1887 LEADING STAR Ketch Foundered approx 70 miles E by S 1/2 S of Surn Point

16/09/1887 WILBERFORCE Dandy Collision with Floating Wreckage approx 65 miles E of Spurn Point

16/09/1887 LOTTIE Ketch Foundered approx 10 miles E of Spurn Point

05/10/1887 ZOE Ketch Collision with Grenadier of Newcastle Upon Tyne 45 miles E by S 1/2 S of Spurn Point

31/10/1887 VIGILANT Ketch Foundered approx 15 miles off Spurn Point

21/11/1887 BELLEROPHON Dandy Collision with Dalbeattie 14 miles S S E of Flamborough Head