12/03/1879 WANDERER Ketch Stranded Inner Binks River Humber

12/03/1879 SULTAN Ketch Stranded 3 miles off E Point if Island of Ameland Holland

21/03/1879 RELIANCE Smack Stranded Inner Binks River Humber

23/03/1879 WHIM Smack Stranded Middle Ground Boston Deeps The Wash

07/06/1879 FAWN Dandy Collision with SS Medway of London 15 miles SE by E of Flamborough Head

09/08/1879 SAMUEL PLIMSOLL Ketch Collision with Orlando of Hull in North sea

16/08/1879 BRAVE Ketch Foundered 60 miles E of Spurn Point

20/09/1879 EDMUND DENISON Smack Collision with Leader 22 miles E of Spurn Point

02/11/1879 FLORA Dandy Stranded Witheringsea

11/11/1879 STORM Smack Stranded Clee Ness River Humber

18/11/1879 JAMES AND ALICE Dandy Collision with Barque North Wales 80 miles N E by E of Spurn Point

21/12/1879 REPRISAL Ketch Missing presumed Foundered after a collision with Ballogie near Dudgeon Light vessel


05/02/1880 BANK OF ENGLAND Ketch Missing since 05/02/1880

07/02/1880 DOCEA Dandy Collision with Alpha 18 miles N of Spurn Point

05/10/1880 SECRET Smack Stranded Filey Yorkshire

25/10/1880 JOHN BUNYAN Dandy Burnt at Sea 55'30" N 5'50" E

28/10/1880 START Smack Missing since 28/10/1880

28/10/1880 NEW CATHERINE Smack Stranded 3 miles E of Hunstanton Light Norfolk

28/10/1880 WILLIAM AND MARY Ketch Stranded Donna Nook Lincolnshire

20/11/1880 BLUE BELLE Smack Burnt at Sea near the Silver Pit

08/12/1880 EMULATION Dandy Abandoned 

08/12/1880 LILY Ketch Missing since 08/12/1880


18/01/1881 EDWARD Dandy Collision with Barque Hosten of Norway in river Humber

14/02/1881 SHAMROCK Dandy Stranded near Withernsea after being abandoned

17/02/1881 EDITH Smack Collision with Rose of Hull approx 28 miles ENE of Spurn Point

01/03/1881 ALICE Smack Missing since 01/03/1881

01/03/1881 ELIJAH Dandy Missing since 01/03/1881

25/06/1881 FOAM Dandy Stranded Races bank Lincolnshire

14/10/1881 SHANNON Dandy Foundered S W Part of the Dogger Bank

15/10/1881 SIX HUNDRED Ketch Abandoned in North sea

15/10/1881 VIVID Dandy Stranded Sunk Land  off Lynn

26/11/1881 CHAMPION Dandy Stranded Red Sand Thames Estuary