17/01/1876 YOUNG FANNY Dandy collision with Smack  MAZEPPA of Grimsby 50 miles E of Spurn Point

23/01/1876 TWO BROTHERS  Collision with unknown Brig 28 miles W N W of Flamborough Head

04/02/1876 UNDAUNTED Smack Stranded Mouth of River Humber

01/09/1876 JOHN AND THOMAS Sloop Stranded at Anderby Foundered whilst in tow 3 miles S by E of Spurn Light

02/10/1876 AGNES Smack Foundered in North Sea

08/11/1876 HOPEFUL Cutter Missing

08/12/1876 ERNEST Ketch Missing


30/01/1877 WASP Smack Foundered 80 miles E of Spurn Point

31/01/1877 FARMERS DAUGHTER ketch Foundered 60 miles off Flamborough Head

09/06/1877 MAZEPPA  Ketch Stranded Bjerregaard Jutland

27/11/1877 FANNY SHAPLEY Ketch Collision with German barque ZANZIBAR 100 miles E by S of River Humber

13/12/1877 BRITISH ROVER Smack Stranded Blakeney West Sand Norfolk

12/1877 ALABAMA Smack Missing


03/1878 DARING Dandy Missing presumed foundered 07/03/1878

30/03/1878 DEERHOUND Dandy Stranded off Yarmouth Harbour

18/05/1878 HERBERT Ketch Stranded Horn Reef Jutland

22/07/1878 SECRET Ketch Collision with SS Northumberland of Middlesborough 15 miles E of Dimlington

05/08/1878 MILO Ketch Collision with unknown Barque 15 miles E of Spurn Point

08/08/1878 THOMAS Smack Stranded Rode Fjord Iceland

29/10/1878 TICKLER Dandy Stranded near Somercoates Haven Lincolnshire

08/11/1878 REINDEER Smack Stranded near Tetney Lincolnshire

11/11/1878 SWANWICK Dandy Collision with SS Amsterdam of Glasgow approx 90 miles E by N of Spurn Point