Lost Grimsby Vessels 1871-75

   1871 - 1875 


SECRET Smack Stranded Amrun Shoal 20/05/1871

COMMERCE Schooner Foundered 3 miles E of Wells  Norfolk

ARACATY Brig Stranded Norwegian Coast 12/12/1871


JOHN Brig Lost off Plymouth 10/04/1872

JANE collision with GALATZ of north Shields 1 mile from the mouth of the river Humber 05/10/1872

RAPID Smack Stranded Stromness 20/10/1872

REGINA Brig Stranded near Kissingland 23/10/1872


HARVEST QUEEN Dandy Collision 1873

UNION Schooner Missing after leaving Dunkirk for London 02/1873

DUNORLAN Barque Stranded Danish Coast 04/04/1873

PRIDE OF THE NILE Dandy Stranded off the Borkum Lights on the Dutch Coast following Collision with the Smack WARBLER of Hull 26/04/1873

MERLIN Sloop Collision off Dimlington 01/08/1873

JANE AND HARRIET Foundered near Cross Island, Fundy Bay 30/08/1873

MARY QUEEN Dandy Collision with VIVID of Hull approx 20 miles off Flamborough Head 04/09/1873

RESOLUTION Smack Foundered off Faroe 21/09/1873

NORTH STAR Stranded Westray Orkney 26/09/1873

ANN Dandy Collision with DIEDERICH 2 miles W N W of Spurn Point 27/11/1873


LUCK'S ALL Dandy Missing 26/02/1874

DAISEY Missing 03/1874

ALERT Cutter Lost near Dungeon Light Vessel 17/03/1874

RATTLER Dandy Missing 20/03/1874

PURSUIT Smack Missing 20/03/1874

SPARROW HAWK Ketch Abandoned approx 230 miles E by S of Spurn Point 25/10/1874

CHARLES Schooner Stranded Redcar Rocks 16/11/1874


LADY OF LYONS Dandy Stranded near Scarborough 11/02/1875

EMILY Brig Foundered off Scarborough 11/03/1875

SARAH Smack Collision in North sea 17/03/1875

RAMBLER Collision with Smack CRUSADER of Grimsby 7 miles N E of Juist Island 24/05/1875

ARTIC Smack Foundered off Lincolnshire Coast 26/06/1875

WHAT'S THAT TO YOU Smack Collision with J E McConnell of London 26miles off Spurn Point 20/09/1875

COLLECTOR Dandy Foundered on the Dogger Bank 27/09/1875