Lost Grimsby Vessels 1863-66

    1863 - 1866 


PRINCESS ALEXANDRA Brig Foundered 55'13 N 1'30 E 21/08/1863

DANCING SALLY Brig Lost off Jutland 12/09/1863

SPARROW HAWK Smack Abandoned and Stranded at Carrends following a collision with the STANDARD of Hull 21/11/1863

WILLIAM Smack Missing since 03/12/1863

SPRAY Smack Missing since 03/12/1863

SWIFT Missing since 03/12/1863

MYSTERY Smack Missing since 03/12/1863

RIVAL Smack mising since 03/12/1863


ROBERT Schooner Lost at Burlington Bay



SEAGULL Smack Missing since 06/01/1865

AUSPICIOUS Smack Missing since 06/01/1865

FLIRT Smack Missing since 06/01/1865

TARTAR Smack Missing since 06/01/1865

CELERITY Smack Missing since 06/01/1865

OLIVE Smack Collision with another Smack near the Silver Pit 26/01/1865

MARIA Sloop Foundered off Flamborough Head 19/02/1865

BRITON Smack Abandoned and presumed to have foundered  19/02/1865

ROSE OF KENT Smack Foundered off Scarborough 07/07/1865

GEORGE  Sloop Lost Dogin Light Vessel 30/10/1865

PERSEVERANCE Stranded on the Lincolnshire Coast 11/1865

SPLENDID Stranded near Mablethorpe 11/1865


SARAH JANE Foundered in the North Sea 15/01/1866

FORESTER Sloop Foundered near Spurn Point 18/01/1866

EFFORT Smack Stranded near Dimlington 04/1866

HAZARD Lost at Grimsby 07/1866

OSPREY Sloop Lost at Iceland 29/08/1866

MEDORA Lost in Lynn Deeps 11/1866

VIXEN Smack Lost 11/1866