Launching new flavors in 2024

Lose your sauce and get LOST!

Are you the type of person that picks a food product based on the word "Spicy" or "Hot"? Then when it is all said and done you have to add your own heat to get the "spicy/hot" flavor you crave.

Want a sauce with heat and flavor?


Introducing Lost Bayou Sauce

There are two flavors of Lost Bayou Sauces:

June SOLD OUT is created from the mixture of smoked habanero peppers and mangos. This sauce contains more heat just like what comes in the month of June.

August  SOLD OUT combines the sweet unique taste of the mangos with smoked habanero and Jalapeño peppers and ghost peppers. This sauce was named after the phrase we hear all to often on the Gulf Coast, "If you think it is hot now, wait till August!"

Look for our futures sauces to be released in 2024!!!

February is a sweet, yet hot, sauce that is made with a mixture of apples and jalapeños. Sweet and hot, just like your Valentine.

September:  We have to keep this one under wraps to ensure we get a unique taste for you! But it will have HEAT! with something you will never expect!

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Thank for visiting our site. We hope you enjoy our Lost Bayou Sauces! 

Ken and Gin

Lost Bayou Sauce, LLC

Perdido Key, Florida