The furry ones
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Mowee is the first cat we got and she's the white and gray one.  She's sassy, but lovable.

We decided she needed a buddy, so we found Cheeto at a farm and just fell in love with him, so we took him home.

When Cheeto was younger he was sort of clumsy, but we never really thought anything about it.  Well in December of 2006, his walking got really bad.  It was almost as if he walked like he was drunk.

After trips to the vet due to the lameness in his rear legs and his refusal to poop in the litterbox, we finally took him to a neurologist in June of 2007.  We found out that his spinal cord is too short and he will never walk normal.

We are currently seeking a way to find a happy balance of medications that will hopefully get him back to using the litterbox.






When he was just a wee little kitty

What he looked like after his visit to the neurologist

And the best pic ever!

His best Animal impression!!