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Here's a few pics from our first "honeymoon"

The day before our wedding I received a phone call that our honeymoon resort (in the Mayan Riviera) was being evacuated due to hurricane Wilma.  We bought the travel insurance so we got all our money back and went to Jamaica in March of 2006.  Below are a few pics of us taking a few days to relax after the wedding.

I dismantled my bouquet and threw the flowers in the pond...I thought it was a cool picture.

A few pics from our Jamaican honeymoon

We stayed at Couples Swept Away in Negril

On the way to the booze cruise

This picture is dinner at Feathers our last night there

Just some fun pics

Supporting the Red WIngs

An 80's birthday party

My favorite engagement picture

The family dog that I left behind at my parents house...this is Mac.