Los Otros is a changing line-up of musicians who enjoy playing jazz standards along with Ian Maclean (guitar, vocals).

Please note that we are still in the process of contacting all  the musicians listed on these pages in order to check full names, links and consent to their inclusion. Please email  ianeric46@gmail.com  if you can help with this.

Musicians who have played with "Los Otros" include:

Anita                                      keyboards  

John Beard                           alto sax

Alvin Burrell                           bass 

Chris Bunn                            drums

John Claydon                        tenor sax

Ian Fair                                  bass

Andrew Ferguson                soprano sax

Matt Fernand                       drums

Chris Foley                           guitar/bass Guitar

Richard Gauld                      keyboards

Dave Hawthorn                    drums

Paul Higgs                            keyboards

Paul "piano" Kaufman        keyboards

Leszek Kulaszewicz            tenor Sax

Joshua Law                          drums

Paulo Losi                            keyboards

Tom Lynch                            guitar/harmonica/vocals

John Parminter                    bass

Adrian Pietryga                   (blues) guitar

Rachel                                  bass

Ian Salmon                           bass

Tony "Tunes" Regan            keyboards

Katie Roberts                       vocals/actor/publican

Paul Whelpton                      bass

Dave Williams                      keyboards/bass/vocals

Dominika Zachman             vocals

Leszek Zaleski                    guitar 

Stanislaw Zaleski               drums

Tomasz Zyrmont                   keyboards

and friends from the Jazz workshop including:

Jim Bradley                           tenor sax

Sue Jameson                       vocals

Jack Jones                           trumpet

Bob                                        drums

Guest musicians and friends of Los Otros include:

Liz Byrne                                            vocals

Katy Carr                                            vocals/ukelele 

Annie Dehaney

Antonio de Lillis                                 vocals

Ileana di Camillo                               vocals

Jim Diffley                                          guitar/vocals

Jim Dvorak                                         trumpet

Dick Dyche                                         vocals

Digby Fairweather                               trumpet

E17 jazz collective

Mike Edmonds                                   bass

Andrea Encinas                                (gospel) vocals  

Liz Fletcher                                         vocals

Jez Franks                                          guitar

Jeff Green                                           guitar

Sammy Hurden                                  keyboards/vocals

Josh Kemp                                         tenor sax

Alison Jones                                       vocals/violin

Juliette                                                 vocals

Kelvin                                                  drums

Graham Larkeby                               (rock) guitar/vocals

Luiz                                                     bass

Malcolm (pedal)                                 (blues) guitar

Mike & Thelma                                  (rock) guitar/vocals

Leslie Phillips                                    vocals

Pete                                                   sound technician

Dick Smith                                         banjo

Shelly Twinn                                       vocals

Monica Vasconcelos                        vocals

Walthamstow Folk Club

Peter Zuffa (Bratislava)                    piano