a multi-platform DOSBox frontend 

What's New ?

What can it do?

What do I need?


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What's new ?

Get the latest version of DOSBoxGui

To report bugs or request new features, here's the DOSBoxGui thread on VOGONS.

Version 0.5.3 is out - bugfixing release:

  • there was some bug in it, making the gui useless on some Windows systems

Version 0.5 is out with these new features:

  • you can now also save settings like Cpu cycles and Core emulation, etc. in the game profiles
  • bug has been fixed on Linux systems

What can it do?


  • create profiles for your games/apps
  • select the executable to be run by DOSBox
  • select a configfile to be used by DOSBox (optional)
  • select a languagefile to be used by DOSBox (optional)
  • enter commands to be executed by DOSBox before it starts the main executable
  • switch Fullscreen mode on and off

Currently DOSBoxGui has been confirmed to run on the following systems:

  • Linux (tested on Ubuntu Breezy Badger)
  • Windows XP

What do I need?

Basically what you need to run DOSBoxGui is:


DOSBoxGui Version 0.5.3