Vogue Theatre

712 W. Whittier Blvd.    | map

Montebello, CA   90640

Opened: December 14, 1937 as the New Vogue Theatre.

It's also been known as the Vogue and the Vogue Fine Arts. The Vogue was a remodel of an existing building that dated from 1929. It was owned by Alfred Olander, who also owned the Garmar.

It operated as a second-run budget house.

Architect:  S. Charles Lee

Seating: 543

Status: The Vogue ran at least through the 1966. In the early 70s the location was a travel agency. It's now a hair salon.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Vogue for all the history that exists. Also see the comments about the Vogue on the Garmar Cinema Treasures page.

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This now vanished site that was dedicated to
 Hudsondealerships showed this c.1937 photo as
712 Whittier Blvd. This appears to be the building
that became the Vogue in December 1937. 
full size view

    Joe Vogel on Flickr   


A 2008 view of the former Vogue on crack Cinema
Treasures researcher Joe Vogel's Flickr album. Here the
building is a salon. Note the S. Charles Lee signage
with the portholes still remaining. 
 full size view

The Vogue Theatre in 1955.

photo: JamesCrystal Castro collection

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A 1955 night view.

photo: JamesCrystal Castro collection

Thanks for these, JamesCrystal!  The shots are from a
safety film produced by Southern California Edison.

A view of the Vogue building in 2015 on Google Maps.

Click on the image to enlarge
-- or head to an interactive view

Note the S. Charles Lee portholes
still evident on the facade.

    L.A. Eastside   


Al Desmadre has this image of Montebello's
Vogue Theatre in his 2008 post:
"Memories of a Lost Boulevard: The Garmar Theatre."
full size view | on the Eastsider site

The photo also appears in the photo album on the
Facebook page "Everything in and Around Montebello."