United Artists East LA / Alameda Theatre

5136 Whittier Blvd.    | map |

Los Angeles, CA 90022 

The News: The building was for sale. Loopnet had reported an asking price of $1.95 million in November 2014. The listing came down in January 2015.  The Eastsider had a November 2014 story about the theatre being on the market: "A reminder of Whittier Boulevard's movie house past is up for sale."

Opened:  1931 or 32.  The United Artists is less than a block west of the Golden Gate Theatre.

Like other UA houses it was initially operated by Fox West Coast Theatres. It was later operated by United Artists Theatre Circuit.

In the 80s UATC renamed it the Alameda Theatre when it was running Spanish language films. It was also operated by Metropolitan Theatres.

Architect: Clifford A. Balch, P.A. Eisen, A.R. Walker of the firm Walker and Eisen.

This firm did a number of projects for United Artists in the early 30s including similar theatres in Pasadena, Long Beach, Inglewood and the Four Star on Wilshire Blvd.

Earlier, they had designed the building containing the United Artists Theatre downtown although not the theatre itself.

Seating: 916

Status: Closing date is unknown. It's now a retail store and has been stripped down inside.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Alameda for a history and links to other exterior photos.

A view of the United Artists / Alameda Theatre in 2010.

photo: Bill Counter

A 2010 view of the east side of the theatre.

photo: Bill Counter

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A bonus look upward to check out the
tower construction -- not possible
before the retail conversion.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

The former auditorium in 2010.
All decor has been stripped out.

photo: Bill Counter

    American Classic Images   


A 1983 view of the theatre as the Alameda from
 the American Classic Images collection.
 full size view

A 1981 photo with the
Gate Theatre in the background.

full size view



The 2014 Loopnet listing (now gone) for the "Old
Alameda Theatre" had included this exterior shot
from when the building was in the auto business.
full size view

An inside view of the 16,000 s.f. space. The theatre's
interior got stripped out and the mezzanine added when
 it was converted to retail use.
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A look across the main floor.
  full size view

A look at the facade from down the block to the west.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

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A view up the tower at the United Artists.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009


photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

The tower's center panel -- signage long gone.

photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009


photo: Michelle Gerdes - 2009

See more of Michelle's adventurous theatre
explorations in her "Theatres-California" set on Flickr. 

Thanks, Michelle!

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     The Eastsider     


 "A reminder of Whittier Boulevard's movie house past is up for sale"
was the November 2014 story in The Eastsider
that included
 this facade shot with the for sale sign.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

The Unity panel.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

The Artistry panel.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

     Los Angeles Public Library     


A 1937 Herman Schultheis view of the
United Artists and, just beyond, the Golden Gate.
The UA is running "Damsel in Distress" with
 Fred Astaire and Burns and Allen.

full size view

Note the added height of the tower
with the UA signage sticking up.