Strand Theatre -- Pasadena

340 E. Colorado Blvd.    | map

Pasadena, CA   91101

Opened: 1914.  By the 20s the Strand Theatre was operated by C.L. Langley, whose firm evolved into west Coast Theatres. After West Coast became Fox West Coast, the theatre was known as the Fox Strand.

The strand got a remodel in 1924 to give it more of the then-popular Spanish look.

Architects:  Train and Williams -- Robert Farquhar Train and Robert Edmund Williams.

Hugh Howe Hinds and O.N. Land served as building contractor. It was a two story building with shops, offices and the theatre. It was constructed for $26,000 for owner Frank Dale.

Seating: 782

Status: Closing date is unknown. It was demolished for construction the Plaza shopping center, which has now been redeveloped as the Paseo Colorado mall.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Strand for some nice comments.  Pacific Coast Architecture Database also has a page on the Strand.

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The Strand's unusual proscenium.

photo: Ronald W.Mahan collection

It's a photo taken by Dwyer studios that was in
the collection of Tony Heinsbergen.  Thanks, Ron!

    Huntington Digital Library

A 1929 facade view of the Strand. It's a
Harold Parker photo. On the marquee is Vilma Banky
in "The Awakening" and Charley Chase
in "Is Everybody Happy?"

full size view

On the Huntington Library page you can
use the slider to get a larger image -- then you
can pan around to explore details.

A 1924 view of the Strand's boxoffice. It's a Harold A.
Parker photo that the Huntington says was taken
for T D & L Lusher.  Perhaps that's a typo for Langley.
full size view

A detail from the photo above -- click on it to enlarge.

A Harold Parker photo of the lobby in 1924.
full size view

A 1924 look at the auditorium
in a Harold Parker photo.
full size view

A detail of the proscenium area from
the photo above -- click on it to enlarge.

    USC Archives

An early view looking east from Marengo along Colorado Blvd.
It's a view that was acquired by the L.A. Examiner.
This is a detail from a much larger image.
full size view

USC dates this as 1918 but Cinema Treasures researcher
Joe Vogel puts it at 1914 or 1915. Look at the full view and note
the large building in the lower left. You're looking at the roof of the
 post office, which Joe says was completed in 1915.

Historic Pasadena Theatres -- The Strand

"The Fire Brigade" at the Strand - 1927.

photo: Cezar Del Valle collection

These two views are from the West Coast
Theatres Now magazine of July 15, 1927:

"The fire department, Pasadena, Cal.,
cooperated in the effective exploitation of
'The Fire Brigade' at the Strand Theatre."

[ click on these views to enlarge ]

Another view of the "The Fire Brigade" promotion.

photo: Cezar Del Valle collection

Thanks, Cezar!

Cezar is a Brooklyn-based theatre historian with
 a devoted interest in Los Angeles theatres.
See his
 website Theatre Talks and visit him on Facebook.

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    Keepers of Pasadena

A early 40s postcard view looking east on Colorado
Blvd. in the collection of Roger in CA.  The Strand
marquee is on the right next to the Route 66 sign. 
full size view

Roger notes that the trolley tracks and
overhead wires have been airbrushed out.

A brighter version of this card is on
SoCal1954's Noirish Los Angeles post #13758.

    L.A. Public Library Collection

An undated ad for the West Coast - Langley Theatres
in Pasadena -- the Raymond, Strand, Florence and
Pasadena. Click to enlarge or go to the Library's
website for the pdf version.

Looking east c. 1914-1915.
Note the Strand on the right.
 full size view

This is the same photo as in the USC collection. See the
detail from the higher resolution USC image below.

    Noirish Los Angeles

Thanks to SoCal1954 for including this card in his
Noirish Los Angeles post #13744. The card is a Kurt Teich
card from 1949. The Strand, on the right, is playing "One
 Sunday Afternoon" with Janis Paige and Dennis Morgan.
Mr. 1954 has other comments about the view on his post.
full size view | on FB/LATheatres

    Pasadena Digital History Collaboration   

A 1945 look at the Strand by J. Allen Hawkins.
Not sure what the deal was with the dairy trucks
-- perhaps a promotion of sorts. The photo comes
from the Pasadena Museum of History.

Also in the collection: