Fox Stadium Theatre

8906 W.  Pico Blvd.     | map | 

Los Angeles
, CA  90035  

Architect: Robert O. Boller and Carl Boller, Boller Bros.

The Boller Bros. worked all over the country on projects including the Kimo in Albuquerque and the Missouri Theatre in St. Joseph. See the Cinema Treasures list on Boller Bros. for 76 theatres by the firm that the site has indexed. The firm began in 1905 in Kansas City.

Carl Boller moved to Los Angeles in 1921 and in addition to the Fox Stadium, also designed the Fontana Theatre (now a performing arts venue) and the Corona Theatre, now a church. His most opulent theatre in the area was the Tracy Theatre in Long Beach.

1930. It was built for and operated by Fox West Coast Theatres.  The rear of the auditorium was with stadium-style seating, a rarity at the time.

About the only other early L.A. Theatre with such an arrangement was downtown's Rialto Theatre.  In the 40s, lots of theatres, especially by Fox West Coast (such as the Fox Inglewood), utilized the format.


Status: It's been a synagogue, the B'nai David-Judea since 1964. The exterior was rehabilitated in 2004.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Fox Stadium for the more data on the theatre.

A closer look at the tower.

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

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A detail of the Fox Stadium facade. 

photo: Bill Counter - 2010

    Haineshisway on Cinema Treasures   

A c.1951 street view looking west on Pico by
 Cinema Treasures researcher Haineshisway.
full size view | on Photobucket

The view also appears on the Facebook
page Mid-Century Modern:
 | Stadium Theatre |

    L.A. Public Library Collection

A 1937 exterior shot from the Library's collection.

 full size view

A view in the lobby near an
 entrance to the auditorium.

  full size view

A view of the organ grille house left
and the organ console in the pit. 
 full size view

Also in the collection:
  | another lobby view | lobby - looking toward the exits |
 | auditorium from rear - undated | ceiling detail |
   | another ceiling view | proscenium view  |

    Photos of Los Angeles

A 2009 look west at the theatre by Ken McIntyre.
full size view

    USC Archives

A view of the building in 1930. This Mott-Merge
 photo (and the ones linked below) also
appear in the State Library collection.
 full size view

More from USC:

 | lobby view | auditorium  | boxoffice |

A view of the former Fox Stadium Theatre in 2010.

photo: Bill Counter

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    B'nai David Judea

A view of the front of the former
auditorium from the synagogue's website.

 larger view

The current look of the main lobby. The
 rear of the auditorium is above the lobby.
The photo is by Reyna Zack Photography.
larger view

    California State Library

The State Library has a wonderful set of
photos from the Mott Studios taken in
1930. Here is a great view of the marquee
advertising "The Doorway to Hell."
full size view  

To the left of the theatre entrance
is the Sweet Shop diner.

A view of the facade from across the street.
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A view of the lobby of the Fox Stadium Theatre.
 full size view

A view of the Stadium's proscenium.
full size view

From the rear of the house.
 full size view

Looking toward the booth.
full size view

A view of the house right side wall of the auditorium.
  full size view

 The organ grille house right.
  full size view

More from the California State Library:
In addition to what's shown here, the Library has
eight more 1930 photos from Mott Studios, six of which are
interior shots. All 16 are cataloged as set # 001384373 .