Fox Redondo

103 W. Diamond St.    | map |

Redondo Beach, CA   90277

Opened: February 22, 1929 at Diamond and Pacific -- next to the beach!  The opening attraction was "The Ghost Talks" (a talkie) with Helen Twelvetrees. On the great stage were five vaudeville acts accompanied by a 10 piece pit orchestra led by Lynn Cowan.

The site for the Fox Redondo was previously occupied by the Art Theatre, a 600 seat theatre which opened in 1912.

Architect:  John Paxton Perrine designed the Fox Redondo. He also did the Lincoln Theatre.

Seating: 1,324

Status: The theatre closed in December 1972 with the land earmarked for a new hotel. It was demolished in 1973.  The last film to run was "Woodstock."

The hotel never materialized and the property is a parking lot. The theatre's address no longer exists.  | current Google map |

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Fox Redondo for lots of discussion. Ken Roe did the research on the opening attractions. 

Check out Ron Felsing's collection on Flickr for lots of South Bay items, including many vintage views of Redondo Beach .Redondo Beach Historical Society has a number of interesting vintage photos of the city.

Steve Bopp's Old South Bay postcard collection is another great place to browse.  And don't miss Sam Gnerre's Daily Breeze article on the Redondo.

    Ron Felsing on Flickr

A 1957 view looking toward the
Fox Redondo -- with the red tile roof.
full size view

A 1960 view of the Fox Redondo. 
full size view

See hundreds more views of Redondo Beach
and other South Bay towns on Ron's set!

The lower photo also appears on the
 City of Redondo Beach's website:
 | Fox Redondo - 1959 |

    Photos of Los Angeles

A view posted by tireless researcher Ken McIntyre on his
Photos of Los Angeles Facebook collection. It's 1938 and the
Fox Redondo is running "Hold That Co-Ed" with Joel McCrea.
full size view | on Photos of LA

Thanks to Robert Juzefski for this 1958 look
at the theatre. It seems to have vanished from the
Photos of LA Facebook page.

Another 1958 photo of the theatre Robert
Juzefsky once posted on Photos of LA.
full size view

The Fox after closing. It's a photo
 from Michael Edward Prince Gray.
full size view | on Photos of LA

A sad 1973 demolition view from Ken McIntyre. 
full size view

A 1973 look toward the waterfront during
demolition from Michael Edward Prince Gray.
full size view | on Photos of LA

The view in toward the side wall of the
auditorium during demolition. It's from the
Michael Edward Prince Gray collection.
full size view | on Photos of LA

An open-air sidewall shot from
Michael Edward Prince Gray.
full size view | on Photos of LA

A 1973 proscenium demolition shot
from Michael Edward Prince Gray.

A 1973 look back into the balcony
 of the doomed Fox Redondo. It's from the
Michael Edward Prince Gray colllection.
full size view | on Photos of LA

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    Bill Greene on Flickr

A view of the Fox Redondo taken
by Bill Greene in 1970.
full size view

    South Bay Daily Breeze

A heartbreaking 1972 view of the theatre after
closing. It's part of Sam Gnerre's nice 2009 survey
 "South Bay Movie Theaters of the Past."  
full size view

Also see Sam's 2012 post "Redondo's Fox Theatre."

The image above also appears
on Photos of Los Angeles.

    L.A. Public Library Collection

A wonderful view of the Fox's neon in this 1954
shot taken while the theatre was playing
"The Eddy Duchin Story." 
full size view

Looking toward the rear of the house in 1942.
full size view

A undated peek back toward the booth. 
full size view  |  the b & w version

The house right organ grille - undated.
full size view  | the b & w version

| another organ grill shot - 1942 b & w  |

The house right mural.
 full size view  | the b & w version

On Facebook's "Manhattan Beach Haunts...":
| mural view - with better color |

The house left mural in an undated photo. 
full size view | the  b & w version 

An undated look at the Proscenium. 
full size view | the b & w version 

| another balcony proscenium view - 1942 b & w |

The proscenium from the main floor -- undated.

    UCLA - S. Charles Lee Papers |

A 1937 view of the theatre in the UCLA S. Charles
 Lee collection. Lee was surveying the house for a
remodel. The photographer is unknown.  We're
running "Huckleberry Finn" with Mickey Rooney.
full size view

The photo above is also posted
on Photos of Los Angeles.

The Pacific Avenue side of of the theatre in 1937.
The side of the marquee,
also presumably 1937.

Also in the UCLA collection:
  | facade concept drawing - renovation |
| another version -- as the Vogue |