Picwood Theatre

10872 W. Pico Blvd. @ Westwood
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Los Angeles, CA   90403

Opened: 1948 

It got a remodel in 1966 that obliterated most of the original tropical themed decor.

The Picwood was run until 1985 by Pacific Theatres, often with exclusive runs. The theatre was equipped for 70mm presentation. 70mm runs included "Apocalypse Now" (1979-80 - 26 weeks), "Raiders of the Lost Arc" (1981), "E.T." (1982), "Amadeus" (1985) and many more.

Architect: S.Charles Lee

Seating: 1100 originally, later reseated for 950. 

Status:  Demolished in 1985 to make way for the Westside Pavilions Mall.

More Information: See the Cinema Treasures page for lots of discussion about the Picwood's history. Michael Coate posted a list of the Picwood's 70mm runs in 2008.

Also see the Cinema Tour page on the Picwood for a few more photos.  And American Classic Images has a 1981 facade view of the Picwood.

    Cinema Tour   

This invaluable site's Picwood Theatre page has a
 number of items from Jay Emmanuel Publishing's 1949-1950
 "Theatre Catalog" including this colorful exterior shot.
full size view

Some of the other items are versions of photos that
 also appear via Online Archive of California
 or the UCLA S. Charles Lee Archive.

Also on Cinema Tour:
 | floorplan |

    Los Angeles Public Library    

A 1965 aerial view by Howard D. Kelly.
full size view

A 1979 shot of the Picwood for the premiere
of "Boulevard Nights"-- and a protest.
It's a Dean Musgrove photo.
 full size view

Also in the collection:
| another 65 aerial viewanother "Boulevard" view   |
| another "Boulevard" shot - "The barrio is real - not glamorous" |

    Online Archive of California   


An exterior view from 1948 by Michael Greene.
 full size view

A look at the lobby of the Picwood.
It's a Julius Schulman photo.
full size view

A view of the Picwood auditorium.
No photographer is credited by the archive.
  full size image

A view toward the screen. No photographer
is credited by the archive.
 full size image

Also in the Archive:
daytime exterior view - 1949 |   boxoffice sketch  |  exterior sketch  |
| another lobby view  |  auditorium sidewall view  | 

These items can also be located via a different
 portal, UCLA's  S. Charles Lee Archive.

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    By Ken Levine   


A photo of the theatre's last run: "Volunteers"
in 1985. It on a 2008 post by Ken:
 " We Killed a Theatre AND a Bowling Alley."
 larger view

    From Script to DVD   


The Picwood snack bar. It's a shot from the Motion
Picture Herald. See the
Picwood Theatre page
on From Script To DVD for larger views
of these two photos.

A view of the draped auditorium of the Picwood in
later years. The photo is credited to the L.A. Times /
Lucasfilm / Pacific Theatres.

The Picwood page is part this great
site's 70mm Theatre Gallery

    Mid Century Modern    

... and Historical Los Angeles in the '60s, '70s, and '80s


 A 1969 view of the Picwood running the exclusive
engagement of "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?"
The shot was added by Michael Snider to
the Facebook page. 
full size view

A 1981 view from American Classic Images
 added to the collection by Richard Wojcik.
full size view 

A facade detail posted by Alison Martino.
full size view

    Photos of Los Angeles   


A look at the Picwood with its fate left in the hands of
the Cleveland Wrecking Co. Ken McIntyre found the
photo for his Photos of Los Angeles collection.
 full size view

    Mark Van Slyke on Flickr   


A view of the facade of the Picwood by Mark.
It's in his "Mid-Century Modern" set.
full size view

Also in Mark's album:
| facade detail |