Carmel / Paris Theatre

8163 Santa Monica Blvd.    | map

West Hollywood, CA   90046

Opened: 1924 by West Coast Theatres as the Carmel Theatre.  It was later known as the Fox Carmel

Architect: Lewis A. Smith

Seating: 1,098

After it had been dropped by Fox Coast, the Carmel as an independent tried a new policy as the Carmel Museum Theatre running one current film double billed with a classic.  that new name ahows up in the 1956 city directory.

An article in the October 30, 1955
 L.A. Times outlined the new policy. Thanks
to Eitan Alexander for sending it our way.
 full size view

The Carmel then had a fling as a legit house in 1957 with Richard Gray's New Vic Theatre Company in residence. By the early 60s it had gone to a porno policy and was renamed the Paris Theatre (the "newly beautiful Paris").

Status: Demolished.  The theatre closed in 1976 -- it was destroyed by fire.

The Carmel / Paris in the Movies:

We get a bit of time in the abandoned theatre in
"High School Hellcats" (American International, 1958).
The girls that belong to the "Hellcats" meet in the
theatre, located "on the other side of town."
larger view

A happy reunion at the end of the film with our good
girl Joyce and her boyfriend Mike after a bit of a fight in
the balcony -- and bad girl Dolly falling over the edge.
larger view

See our Theatres in Movies blog post for several more shots
from the film. Thanks to Eitan Alexander for spotting this one.

More information: See the Cinema Treasures page on the Paris.

    UCLA - L.A. Times Photo Collection |

A 1970 L.A. Times photo with the midnight freight at Santa
Monica Blvd. and Crescent Heights.  Behind the train we get
a view of the Paris marquee. P.J.'s in the foreground
would later become the club Starwood. 
full size on Calisphere 

The photo also appears on
 Noirish Los Angeles post #3374 
and on Vintage Los Angeles.

    Vintage Los Angeles

A 1975 view of the Paris from across the
street. It was added to the Vintage Los Angeles
 collection by Richard J. Frost.
full size view | on Vintage LA

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    Photos of Los Angeles   

A look at the Paris in 1969 discovered by
Ken McIntyre for Photos of Los Angeles.
 full size view | on Photos of LA

An impressionistic image of the neon at the Paris.
full size view | on Photos of LA

    USC Archives

A look at the boxoffice of the Carmel in 1957
when it was getting a run as a legit house with
productions by the New Vic Theatre Company. 
full size view

A look backstage at a rehearsal in 1957.
full size view

Inspecting the rigging in 1957.
The photos are from the L.A. Herald Examiner
full size view

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