Marquis / Academy Award Theater

9038 Melrose Ave.    | map |

West Hollywood, CA   90048

Opened: 1925 and was operated for decades by Fox West Coast.  When the theatre opened, this part of town was known as Sherman.

The building was sold to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences in 1946 and was renamed the Academy Award Theater. It was the site of screenings and the 1948 Academy Awards ceremony, held in early 1949.  

Architect:  Frank Rasche

Seating: 950

Status:  When the Academy opened their Beverly Hills building in 1976 this property was sold and demolished.  It's now the site of an office building and parking.

More information:  See the Cinema Treasures page on the Marquis. Joe Vogel has all the data.

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    Life Magazine

A great 1972 view of the Marquis as
the Academy Award Theater. 
full size view

The photo above also appears
 on Photos of Los Angeles.

A Life magazine 1949 look at the facade.
full size view

A 1949 Oscars interior view featured (along
with many others) on Sopas EJ's nice post
#6301 on Noirish Los Angeles.
full size view 

A ceiling detail with the press
viewing the proceedings.
full size view


A c.1946 look at the Marquis from the collection
 of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
collection. The photo appears on the organization's
page "Academy Story - 1940-1949"
Thanks to Noirish Los Angeles contributor BifRayRock
 for the find. It's on his post #37331 which also discusses
 several other theatres named Academy.


"Real Gone Places: Marquis Theatre," a blog
 post by Chexydecimal included this 1945 or
1946 view of the Marquis Theatre  
full size view

Note the same double bill as in the AMPAS photo.

    Noirish Los Angeles

A 1951 look at the theatre on Noirish Los Angeles post #21494
 that Ethereal Reality found on eBay. Here it has lost its deco
marquee and just has a bit of neon across the entrance
identifying it as the Academy Award Theater.
full size view

Martin Pal has some interesting views of the intersection of Melrose,
Doheny and Santa Monica on his Noirish Los Angeles post #21575.
And he has a faux-postcard version of the 1951 photo above (and other
 Academy Award locations) on his Noirish Los Angeles post #33915.

Included in Martin's post #21575 is this 1961 shot by
Dennis Hopper. That's the Marquis Theatre over on the
 right. Hopper called the photo "Double Standard."
full size view

In the photo above we're looking northeast on Santa Monica
Boulevard with Melrose taking off to the right. The photo has
been everywhere. The Getty has it on their Pacific Standard Time
blog. It also appeared with a 2010 L.A. Times article for a
 Hopper exhibition at MOCA's Geffen Contemporary.
 It's also on a MOCA page.

    Theatres in Los Angeles   

by Suzanne Tarbell Cooper, Amy Ronnebeck Hall
and Marc Wanamaker. The photos in the book are
from Mr. Wanamaker's Bison Archives.
Arcadia Publishing, 2008

Arcadia Publishing  |  Google Books preview

A 1936 look at the crowd for a show at the
Marquis on p. 86 of "Theatres in Los Angeles."

The photo also appears on the Facebook page
Photos of Los Angeles
(plus a re-post on PoLA). As well it's
in the AMPAS Tom B'hend and Preston Kaufmann Collection.